December 2015 newsletter- Get a Head Start on your New Years Resolution!

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Why now is a great time to consider cosmetic surgery ...

MON December Newsletter

Winter weather makes this the perfect time to get the look
you’ve always wanted!

December has arrived and it’s time to think — but not panic — about what you’ll wear to the holiday parties. If you’re tired of trying to camouflage or minimize problem areas so you’ll feel comfortable being in family photos, maybe it’s time to consider cosmetic surgery! You don’t have to resign yourself to living with the results of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Embrace what’s possible this holiday season — because anything is!

Here are a few reasons to consider cosmetic surgery now:

  • Advances in technology make this an ideal time to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery, from a facelift to liposuction.
  • Cooler weather allows you to wear bulkier clothing to conceal swelling and bruising from cosmetic surgery.
  • Rest and recovery are important, which can be a problem with the distractions during warmer seasons.
  • You can pair cosmetic surgery with a few of our in-office cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation treatments, or skincare products.
  • It’s the ultimate New Year’s resolution!

To see our full list of “10 reasons to consider cosmetic surgery now,” visit the Monarch blog. Don’t wait to do something nice for yourself — transform your look this holiday season with Monarch Plastic Surgery!

Get a new you this New Years!

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