10 smart to-dos before having breast augmentation

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Aug 24, 2016 8:30:00 AM

to do checklist before breast augmentationIf you’re preparing for an upcoming breast augmentation surgery, you probably already know what to expect following your procedure in terms of healing and recovery. For instance, you know that you’ll need compression garments, plenty of rest, and healthy foods to help speed up recovery.

However, you may be overlooking important things to do at home before having surgery. Making the necessary preparations at home helps ensure you experience the most safe, stress-free, relaxing, and fun recovery. Download our free ebook, How to Prepare for Plastic Surgery, to learn more about what to do in the weeks and days before your procedure to prepare for your transformation.

Additionally, check out these 10 smart to-dos to put on your checklist before having breast augmentation.

1. Get help with childcare and pet care

Driving and exercising are two activities you can’t do immediately following surgery -- and that includes walking your dog. Make arrangements for childcare and pet care in the days following surgery to make sure you won’t be responsible for walking your pet and driving kids to and from school.

2. Prepare your recovery station

Decide where you plan on lounging around during recovery, and prepare your “recovery station” accordingly. Your goal is to avoid getting up and down repeatedly for things like snacks, water, and entertainment, with the exception of using the bathroom. Make sure all essentials are nearby and easy to access, such as lip balm, tissues, your mobile phone, chargers, books, and remote controls.

3. Do all necessary chores

Nobody wants to come home to dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and an unmade bed immediately following surgery. Plus, you won’t be able to handle these chores due to the strain they could put on your body and breasts. Do all housework before going in for surgery so you can come home to a peaceful, relaxing, clean environment.

4. Prepare meals in advance

In the days before surgery, prepare a variety of foods you can grab and eat without having to spend excess time standing in the kitchen. Make and freeze casseroles you can heat up in the toaster oven or microwave, and stock up on healthy snacks such as trail mix, granola, low-fat yogurt, and fruits and vegetables.

5. Get familiar with post-op bras

While you may be anxious to try on new, attractive bras that enhance your new curves, you’ll want to stick to post-op bras recommended by your surgeon that will help speed up recovery. Make sure you have one or more soft, breathable bras that are easy to remove, and stay away from underwire bras or those that require you to reach over your head, such as sports bras.

6. Compile easy-to-remove clothing

Since you’ll be wearing bandages and compression garments, you won’t be able to wear clothes that need to be pulled on over your head. Go through your closet and set aside tops that button or zip in the front. Ideally, these should be clothes you feel comfortable sleeping in when you need to take a nap.

7. Put plastic bins or bags in the car

Anesthesia and post-op meds can make you feel nauseated, so equip your vehicle with plastic trash bins or bags in the event you experience nausea on the way home. This will also help prevent your driver from suddenly having to pull over in the middle of traffic.

8. Get ice packs ready

Placing ice on the surgical site can help reduce swelling and pain following your breast augmentation surgery. Stock your freezer with four flexible gel ice packs: two for the upper part of each of your breasts, and two that can be waiting in the freezer for the next round.

9. Purchase cocoa butter

Buy cocoa butter to combat tight, swollen post-op skin that could become dry and flaky -- especially after your surgeon gives you the go-ahead to shower. Cocoa butter is effective at moisturizing your skin and keeping it soft after surgery. Ask your surgeon for other recommendations on lotions you can use to treat dry skin.

10. Gather plump pillows

If all the pillows in your house are worn and flat, wash and plump them in the dryer, or stock up on new, plump pillows that can support you throughout recovery. Your surgeon will recommend that you keep yourself upright at a 45-degree angle to reduce bruising and swelling. Also, place pillows at your sides to avoid rolling over onto healing incisions.

Are you thinking about increasing your breast size and enhancing your natural curves through breast augmentation? Schedule a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery to learn more about how we can help you get the look you want through breast surgery!

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