10 surprising weight-loss tips for success

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Jul 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM

10 tips for weight lossAre you healthy and active, but still struggling to get the body you’ve always wanted? Don’t stress about all the advice being shouted at us in infomercials and ads on television. Instead, focus on building a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to how your body responds to any changes you make.

Try these 10 tips to help you shed the pounds and get the body you want:

  1. Make nutrition your main focus — incorporate lean protein, high-fiber, sulfur-rich foods and healthy fats, and plenty of water into your diet.
  2. Eat and drink for your body — don’t think about what top athletes do, because your body is unique, and you probably don’t need all the calories for your workouts that athletes consume for all-day training and competitions.
  3. Eat more (good) fat — add marine oils, plant-based fats, and medium chain triglycerides to raise your leptin levels and make you feel more full.
  4. Skip steady cardio — steady cardio helps your heart and lungs, but doesn’t help you lose weight after the first few months.
  5. Do high-interval training — various exercises in bursts of speed and shorter timeframes can help you shed the pounds by pushing your muscles to adapt to the changes in intervals.
  6. Create an exercise habit — exercising for the calorie burn won’t help you lose weight, but creating a habit of performing fitness routines can help you eat less sugar and more fiber, leading to weight loss.
  7. Do yoga, barre, or pilates — adapt your exercise between various routines to keep your body from becoming accustomed to your workout schedule.
  8. Don’t compensate for exercise with more food — working out more doesn’t mean you can eat more food if you’re trying to lose weight, so try to eat healthier foods and smaller portion sizes.
  9. Exercise for your brain — raise your brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) to change the weight set point (the weight your body wants to stay at) to keep you working toward your goal.
  10. Don’t stop — actually losing weight doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. If you do, you may just put the weight back on. Keep with your exercise routine to maintain the weight you want.

Read more about these tips on The Stir.

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