3 Advantages of Getting Plastic Surgery in the Winter

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Mar 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

3-Advantages-of-Getting-Plastic-Surgery-in-the-Winter.jpgNow is the ideal time to book that plastic surgery procedure that you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait—here are the top three advantages of getting cosmetic surgery in the winter.

1. Be summer ready

It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer body. Though the winter months might seem like they pass very slowly, the reality is summer is only a few months away. If you’re not quite comfortable or confident in a swimsuit, tight-fitting clothing, revealing dresses, or short shorts, now is the time to book the plastic surgery procedure you’ve been debating.

Winter is the ideal time to address body concerns that you will have during the summer. Though there are some procedures that offer immediate results, the reality is it can take three months, six months, or more for the final results of plastic surgery to appear. For example, it can take several weeks for breast implants to settle into the correct position after breast augmentation surgery. And it can take months for residual swelling to disappear after a body contouring procedure like liposuction or a tummy tuck. It also takes six months or more for incision scars to lighten and fade.

Once the sun starts shining and summer is in full bloom, you don’t want to have to wait to show off your new physique. By scheduling a plastic surgery procedure during the winter, you can ensure that you’re ready to reveal your new sculpted body once the summertime comes along.

2. Ensure optimal healing

Winter isn’t only a great time for plastic surgery because it allows enough time for final results from surgery to appear, however. More importantly, the winter months are great for ensuring faster healing and optimal results.

Post-surgery, it’s critical that you give your body the rest that it requires to heal properly. In the summer, it can be difficult to stay home and rest. There are parties to attend, beaches to visit, and vacations to take, after all. Too many physical activities and too much running around can lead to more pain and slower healing.

In the winter, though, people tend to stay home more often and hibernate. There are fewer events and activities to attend to, and you’re probably not going outdoors to hike, swim, or play sports, either. This gives your body the time it needs to heal, which helps ensure optimal results from your surgery.

What’s more, winter is the optimal time for many in-house procedures as well, including laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. These skin rejuvenation treatments require you to stay out of the sun as your skin will be ultra-sensitive to UV rays as it heals. Sun exposure is at a minimum during the winter months, making it easier to ensure optimal healing.

3. Hide post-op dressings, bandages, bruising, and swelling

Breast surgery, body contouring, facelifts—all of these plastic surgery procedures come with their fair share of bruising and swelling after surgery. For some procedures, you’ll also be required to wear dressings, bandages, or compression garments for some time during the recovery period.

It can be awfully difficult to hide the evidence of recent surgery when your bruises, swelling, and bandages are showcased for the world to see under dresses, short sleeves, and bikinis.

It’s much easier to hide post-op dressings, bandages, and bruising and swelling under a winter wardrobe. Big scarves and bulky hats can hide evidence of a recent facial procedure, while sweaters, turtlenecks, and winter outerwear can ensure that no one can see any evidence of bandages or swelling under your clothing.

Now is the time to book that cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait—request a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery today.

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