3 extra health benefits offered by tummy tuck surgery

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Aug 12, 2016 8:30:00 AM

health benefits of the tummy tuckExercising regularly and practicing good nutrition are often considered the best ways to lose weight and tighten loose skin naturally. Doing strength-training exercises can help tone and tighten certain problem areas, while eating nutrient-dense foods can help stave off weight gain and inflammation. But when these healthy lifestyle practices fail to work, you might be facing excess sagging skin.

In these cases, tummy tuck surgery can be effective at tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall and removing excess fat and skin from the abdominal region. While tummy tuck surgery is ideal for achieving a smoother, firmer midsection and improving your confidence, did you know there are additional health benefits associated with the procedure?

Read on to learn more about the additional health benefits that come with a tummy tuck, and don’t forget to schedule your complimentary consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery to discover if this effective body contouring procedure is right for you.

1. Helps address post-pregnancy conditions

Women who deliver their babies vaginally can often suffer from stress urinary incontinence, which is when physical movements such as sneezing, coughing, jumping, running, or heavy lifting put stress or pressure on the bladder — leading to bladder leakage. In these cases, tummy tuck surgery can help tighten the abdominal wall and lead to improved bladder control.

Additionally, some women suffer from diastasis recti — a condition that produces a “pooch” or swollen-looking belly due to the separation of large abdominal muscles during delivery. A tummy tuck can repair the abdominal wall, and lend to a smoother, flatter tummy.

2. Helps improve posture and relieve back pain

Women who want excess skin removed after pregnancy or extreme weight loss usually opt for tummy tuck surgery to tighten and tone their abdominal regions. Some of these women may suffer from back pain due to carrying large pockets of excess skin and weight around their midsections. Tummy tuck surgery not only helps repair and tone abdominal muscles, but can help relieve back pain in the weeks and months following the procedure.


3. Helps prevent ventral hernias

Having a weak abdominal wall can lead to a ventral hernia, which is a bulge through an opening in your abdominal muscles. When your abdominal wall is weak, factors such as obesity, pregnancy, and heavy lifting can increase your risk for ventral hernia. However, tummy tuck surgery can help strengthen and tighten your abdominal wall, and lower your risk for this condition.

The best candidates for tummy tuck surgery are individuals who are in relatively good shape, but are bothered by fat deposits or loose abdominal skin that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Patients who plan on losing additional weight should postpone tummy tuck surgery, as should women planning on future pregnancies, since abdominal muscles can separate again during pregnancy.

Do you have sagging skin in your midsection or a slight bulge in your tummy that won’t respond to diet or exercise? Tummy tuck surgery could be your answer to getting a smoother, slimmer figure! Request a consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery to learn more about how to get the smooth figure you’ve always wanted!

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