4 breast issues and how to fix them

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Feb 12, 2016 10:00:00 AM

common breast concernsEvery woman has a unique breast size and shape they are born with. Although some women are happy with what nature gave them, many find that they wish to enhance or improve upon their natural breasts to get the figure they really want. This explains why cosmetic breast procedures are performed in the thousands every year.

Many women already know they want a sexier, more feminine bustline, but aren’t sure what procedure they need.

Breast issue #1: Small or underdeveloped breasts

This is a common problem, and is the most likely reason women choose to get breast augmentation. Many women have smaller-sized breasts that often become less voluminous and firm with time or after having children. But it’s not as simple as the size on your bra tag. Some women may have what would be considered “average” size breasts, but their breasts aren’t in proper proportion and balance with their figures. A skilled plastic surgeon can help you discover which size implant can give you the beautiful, youthful look you desire that will enhance the rest of your features.

Breast issue #2: Breasts that are too large

Women with larger than average breasts are often considered to be “lucky,” but many will tell you that’s not always the case. When breasts are too large for a woman’s frame, they can cause back and shoulder pain, make a woman look heavier than she is, and make it difficult to find the proper fit with bras and clothing. A breast reduction is often a life-changing procedure for these women, and it can give them a more youthful and beautiful figure overall.

Breast issue #3: Sagging

Nearly any size breasts can sag, causing the look of less cleavage, as well as a lack of fullness and youthful shape. Breasts that sag often appear to point downwards. A breast lift can reposition the breasts in the right location on the chest, giving the appearance of a trimmer, sexier figure. A breast lift is often paired with a breast reduction when large breasts sit too low on the chest. But average sized breasts can also benefit from a breast lift, with or without other procedures.

Breast issue #4: Asymmetry

Asymmetrical breasts are extremely common. In fact, most women have one breast that is larger than the other. In some cases, the variance may be very noticeable and bothersome. This may be treated in different ways: with augmentation, balancing each implant so the breasts appear to be the same size, or with a breast reduction, in which the larger breast will have more tissue removed than the other. Discussing your wishes with a plastic surgeon who is skilled in breast procedures will help you decide how best to achieve a balanced, symmetrical look.

Breast issues come in many shapes and sizes, so talk with a qualified plastic surgeon about what procedures will benefit you the most. Are you ready to learn more about how you can achieve that gorgeous figure you’ve always wanted? Contact Monarch Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation today!

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