4 Great Ways To Prolong Your Facelift Results

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Dec 21, 2016 9:00:00 AM

4-Great-Ways-To-Prolong-Your-Facelift-Results.jpgToday’s facelifts can drastically improve the blending and balance of the structure of your face, improve visible signs of aging, and tighten underlying muscles to help you achieve a more youthful, rested look. Loose skin, fatty deposits, lost muscle tone, eyelid creases, and sagging can all be minimized through a facelift procedure. However, even though you love the effects of the procedure you underwent, it’s important to note that the effects, unfortunately, won’t last forever. Eventually, new wrinkles and fine lines will develop as you continue to age, and sagging might occur once again.

But with these four strategies, you can prolong your facelift results and keep your face looking fresh for longer.

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

How your body handles the aging process is directly correlated to how healthy it is. Therefore, keeping up with a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as hydrating properly, can help you maintain the results of your recent procedure by slowing down the impact of the aging process. Smoking cessation, moderate alcohol consumption, and regular use of sunscreen will also help keep your skinhealthy.

2. Continue using anti-aging products

You have a fresh, youthful-looking face now. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore regular skin maintenance. It’s prudent to continue using anti-aging skincare products, such as retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, and products that contain resveratrol to exfoliate your skin and enhance the production of new skin cells.

3. Consider IPL treatments

Photorejuvenation treatment, also known as BBL or IPL treatment, is another non-invasive treatment option that can help you prolong the effects of your facelift. It can treat new age spots, small veins, sun-induced freckles, sun damage, broken capillaries, and other imperfections that can blemish your new visage over time.

This treatment works by sending a broad spectrum of therapeutic light on the skin. The skin then responds to the heat energy, which becomes absorbed. Your skin can continue to look smoother, younger, and clearer with IPL treatments. In addition, there’s no downtime and studies have shown that the results can last for 10 years or more.

4. Get fillers or Botox

You wouldn’t want to completely eliminate the possibility of getting dermal fillers or Botox after your facelift, either. Injectables can do wonders to help you maintain volume, minimize deep furrows, and minimize new wrinkles that pop up over time.

It’s important to note, however, that swelling changes will occur during the healing process, and it’s best to wait several months before considering the use of injectables such as fillers.

A facelift is a great way to eliminate the aged, saggy, and tired look that’s often caused by lost skin elasticity and lost facial fat. Unfortunately, a facelift won’t make you immune to Father Time. Time will go on, and you’ll eventually develop new fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, and after some time, your face may begin to sag again. However, healthy living, anti-aging skincare products, laser skin tightening, IPL treatments, and fillers and Botox can help you prolong the youthful effects of your facelift.


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