4 moves to help tone your arms in time for summer

Posted by Monarch Plastic Surgery

May 1, 2015, 9:30:00 AM

tone your arms for summerSummer is quickly approaching, which means tank-top and bikini season is almost here, and your arms will be more exposed than ever. Don’t worry about not being able to wear certain styles this year -- we’ve got the tips to help your arms look fabulous in the upcoming warmer months!

Here are four moves to help whip your arms into shape:

  1. Lying chest fly. Think opening and closing your arms like flapping wings while lying on your back. Add weights to keep your muscles working hard. This movement will help tone your arms without bulking them up!
  2. Lateral plank walk. Instead of doing push-ups, try walking your arms from side to side. This engages not only your arm muscles, but your core too!
  3. Bent-over reverse fly. Using weights, move your arms from a downward position up to your sides using control. Add weights, and you’re on your way to having toned arms!
  4. Push-up rotation. Move from a plank position into a push-up, then into a side plank. This move is a little more advanced, but we believe in you!

Read more about these moves at POPSUGAR.

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