4 old beauty techniques that are back in the beauty spotlight

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Jul 13, 2015 9:00:00 AM

contouring makeup trendsEvery generation or so, you see a recycling of fashion and beauty trends. Just as the A-line miniskirt, flared jeans, and cat eye have seen a resurgence, so have a few other old beauty tricks that now go by different names. Don’t be fooled by the new lingo — these beauty trends are back in the spotlight and you may already know how to do them!

Flashback to the past with these new (old) beauty trends of 2015:

Strobing = Highlighting

The “new contouring” everyone is talking about turns out to be highlighting with a really cool name. Both makeup artists and magazines have admitted to using the new name when referring to using light-reflecting highlighting and pigments in different textures to add glow to the face. Strobing is perfect for summer as it allows you to contour your natural skin tone with very little color matching required.

Sleep masks = Night cream

The sleep mask is a thick cream you put on at the end of the day to help lock in moisture and brighten your skin. However, it’s really just an upgrade to your grandma’s night cream. The name “sleep mask” does sound more dynamic, and this trend capitalizes on the popularity of face masks while providing your skin with the essential nutrients it needs while you sleep. It does sound more active and fun to put on a sleep mask than night cream, so check them out!

Babylights = Natural highlights

At the end of last year, babylights hit the scene as the antidote of the ombre hair trend and has since stuck. The name comes from the technique of adding natural highlights to tiny sections of hair to give you the look you had as a toddler. This not-so-new technique involves painting a few strands at a time, leaving you sitting in the chair for longer appointments. Some hair stylists have even stated they have already been doing this technique for years, but now have a name to call it: babylights.

Eye contouring = Eye shadow

Adding color to your eyelids is nothing new, but the addition of multiple colors has earned the name eye contouring. Contouring your face is a huge beauty trend right now, so it makes sense that this naming convention includes eye shadow. Using the visual charts on many eyeshadow palettes now, you can easily contour your eyes into an all-day or all-night look you’ll love.

Read more about each of these new (old) beauty trends on Fashionista.

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