5 Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears Not to Worry About

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Feb 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5-Common-Cosmetic-Surgery-Fears-Not-to-Worry-About.jpgCosmetic surgery is not something that patients decide to undergo on a whim. In fact, most patients review their options, research procedures, and proceed only after taking months—or even years—to decide that it is right for them. One of the most common obstacles that stop people from undergoing a cosmetic procedure is fear. This might be stopping you from scheduling a consult as well.

There are many common cosmetic surgery fears. But we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s why.

1. Fear of anesthesia

Fear of general anesthesia is quite possibly the biggest concern that people have. They’re afraid that they won’t wake up. However, it’s important to understand that young, healthy patients rarely have any issues with anesthesia, and an anesthesiologist will be present to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Furthermore, your plastic surgeon will thoroughly review your medical history as well as any risk factors that you may have before proceeding with the surgery. You will only be approved as a candidate for cosmetic surgery if your risks are low. Your plastic surgeon will discuss anesthesia and risk factors at length during your consultation.

2. Fear of pain

It’s only natural to have some questions and concerns about pain when undergoing any type of surgery. Your surgical team will strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You may receive pre-emptive pain relief before the operation. You will be asleep during the operation and you won’t be able to feel any pain at all. And you will go home with pain medication, and potentially a pain pump, to manage any discomfort you may have post-op. Most patients are actually pleasantly surprised that the pain they experience is far less than they expected.

3. Fear of scars

Scarring is an inevitable part ofundergoing cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and facelift surgery. When an incision is made in the skin, scarring is inevitable. However, your plastic surgeon will take great care in ensuring that the incisions are made in well-hidden areas of the body and that the suture technique is performed expertly to reduce the appearance of scars. In addition, over three to six months post-surgery, most scars will lighten in color and flatten out, making them minimally noticeable. You will also receive an instruction sheet that will help you look after your incisions properly to improve the look of your scars.

4. Fear of complications

Serious complications from cosmetic surgery are exceedingly rare. You and your plastic surgeon will take the required steps to minimize your risk factors before surgery. You may be asked to quit smoking, to achieve an optimal weight, and to cease taking certain medications in order to lower the chance of complications.

Choosing a great plastic surgeon with extensive experience, training, and practice will also help you ensure that the risks of complications are lowered and that, if any problems arise, they can be expertly handled.

5. Fear of being unrecognizable

The fear of being unrecognizable after cosmetic surgery is nothing to worry about. You won’t look fake and you will still absolutely look like yourself, only more refreshed, youthful, and proportional. The results you will receive will look completely natural and will be in harmony with your other features. In fact, even if you wanted to look like a completely different person with cosmetic surgery, it wouldn’t be possible.

Cosmetic surgery can help you gain self-esteem and self-confidence. It can help you look younger and refreshed, and even help you feel more empowered. It can improve your professional and personal relationships. And it can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let these five fears scare you out of undergoing a cosmetic procedure that you want. As you can see, they’re nothing to worry about.

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