5 post-op items you need after breast augmentation

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May 14, 2015 9:30:00 AM

post-op items for breast augmentationBreast augmentation can be an exciting journey. After surgery is complete, you can relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home as your new breasts recover from your procedure. While you may feel anxious to move around or speed up the recovery process, it’s important that you take it easy and learn how to enjoy yourself during your downtime. After all, the better you take care of your breasts and body, the better results you’ll have when you’re finally able to return to your normal activities.

Are you wondering how you’ll make it through recovery from breast augmentation? Here are five must-have post-op items you’ll want at home to make recovery from breast augmentation comfortable, successful, and enjoyable.

1. Comfortable pillows

For the first few days after surgery, you’ll be advised to take it easy and relax in bed or on the couch. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable pillows on hand so you can surround yourself with extra layers of support. Pillows can help support your back and side when lying down, and can be placed on your chest to provide your tender breasts with extra support if you’re sitting up or leaning sideways.

2. Supportive bras

Your cosmetic surgeon will most likely provide you with guidance, tips, and pointers in regards to how to support your breasts following breast augmentation. In most cases, sports bras can work as compression garments to help reduce swelling and accelerate your body’s healing and recovery process. However, if sports bras are too difficult for you to take on and off, you may want to wear bras with zipper fronts, which are more convenient to work with throughout recovery.

3. Healthy, enjoyable foods

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a full list of post-op instructions to refer to after breast augmentation, which will include detailed instructions about the foods you can eat. In some cases, the anesthesia administered during surgery will make you feel nauseated for the first day or two after surgery. Due to the possible nausea factor, your surgeon may recommend that you stick to consuming liquids and pureed foods during this time period, such as gelatin, soups, applesauce, and mashed potatoes.

Think about the types of comfort foods you’d like to enjoy after surgery, and stock your kitchen with these items prior to surgery to make recovery more pleasant and enjoyable. For example, if mashed potatoes and gravy is your favorite comfort food, stock up on these items before your appointment.

4. Favorite movies and books

Recovery from breast augmentation is the best time to catch up on your favorite television shows, movies, magazines, and novels. If medication is making you feel drowsy or tired, you may want to settle down with your favorite television shows and movies. If you’re feeling a bit more alert, you may be able to benefit just as much from reading books. No matter what you decide, make the most out of your breast augmentation recovery by relaxing and treating yourself to your favorite forms of entertainment.

5. Soft, cozy slippers

Since you’ll be restricted to relaxing at home for the first several days after breast augmentation, treat yourself to a new pair of soft, cozy slippers or socks to wear around your home. The more comfortable you feel as a whole, the more you’ll feel inclined to relax and recover from your procedure. Look into finding a pair of slippers with non-slip soles to reduce your risk for falling, especially if you feel heavier than normal due to drowsiness and fatigue.

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