5 Reasons Why Winter Is an Ideal Time for Plastic Surgery

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Feb 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5-Reasons-Why-Winter-Is-an-Ideal-Time-for-Plastic-Surgery.jpgUndergoing plastic surgery, whether it’s a breast surgery, tummy tuck, facelift, or other procedure, often comes with a recovery period with bruising, swelling, and a reduction in physical activity.

That’s why winter is actually the best time to get that plastic surgery procedure you’ve been looking forward to.

1. Time off

Depending on the type of procedure you undergo, you may need to take several days to two weeks off of work to recover. This can make it difficult to plan your procedure during other times of the year when business is booming, you can’t afford to take time off, or you have so many activities planned that it wouldn’t be feasible to stay home for that long of a time.

During the winter months, however, business is typically slower. And there are also many paid holidays, making it easier and more cost effective to schedule time off.

In addition, people tend to hibernate in the winter. Unlike in the summer months when there are constant get-togethers for BBQs, days at the beach, and cottage vacations, the winter months are all about staying indoors, away from the frigid temperatures and snow. This makes it easier for you to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions to rest and recover without having external pressures to do otherwise.

2. Hiding evidence of recent plastic surgery

When you’re wearing a summer wardrobe, which can include tank tops, short shorts, dresses, and bikinis, it can be awfully difficult to hide the signs of a recent procedure. The winter months, however, are the perfect time to cover up with hoodies, pants, and bulky outerwear.

No one will be the wiser to your recent procedure because they won’t be able to see any evidence of bruising or swelling. A winter wardrobe also allows you to disguise compression garments that you might have to wear for several days or weeks.

In the winter, your plastic surgery can easily stay your little secret. By the time you start to wear t-shirts and shorts again, all evidence will be long gone and you’ll be fully healed.

3. Less sun exposure

Of course, spring, summer, and early fall are a lot warmer than winter. The sun is always shining. Though this is great for many outdoor activities, it’s not ideal for patients who have just undergone plastic surgery. Sun exposure needs to be kept at a minimum because it can be harmful to the healing process. You need to allow time for your new skin to heal. Sun exposure during recovery can lead to darker scars, skin infections, and less than optimal results.

That’s why getting cosmetic surgery during the winter is ideal. The daylight hours are shorter, the sun is usually hidden, and its rays aren’t as intense. Plus, you’ll also be inside far more often than you would be in the summer.

4. Less discomfort

Cold weather can often help reduce discomfort after surgery as well. The coolness in the air can help reduce swelling and reduce the sticky, warm, uncomfortable feeling that is often associated with wearing tight compression garments. These feelings are only intensified by hot weather.

5. Ready for a summer reveal

As we mentioned, recovery from plastic surgery can take a long time. It may be months before you start to see your final results. Undergoing surgery in the winter is ideal because it gives you enough time to recover. By the time summer rolls around, along with bikini season, wedding season, and vacation season, your new face or body will be ready for a spectacular reveal.

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