5 ways acne affects your life

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Apr 15, 2016 9:30:00 AM

how acne affects your lifeAcne affects millions of people -- children, teens, and adults. But it affects much more than your skin. Acne has a way of interfering with your life in ways you may not have considered:

    • It makes your morning more hectic. Using concealers and foundations to cover blemishes can be a long and frustrating process. Even the best makeups can only cover the color of blemishes, leaving the bumps visible. Not to mention, you might spend considerable time each day on touch-ups to keep the acne covered, and putting on heavy makeup that doesn’t let your skin breathe may make acne worse. A good makeup, especially a mineral makeup, can cover acne while you work to get it cleared up without making your skin worse - and it may be quicker and easier to apply than traditional synthetic makeups.
  • It can trigger or worsen depression. Your appearance, especially your face, is closely linked with your self-esteem. If you don’t feel good about how you look, it can affect your mental health and well-being. Some studies have shown that acne is linked to anxiety and depression. These are serious conditions that require medical care. You’ll also want to see a skin care expert to get your acne cleared up, which will improve your emotional health and help you feel better about yourself.
  • It can make you self-conscious when you meet new people. Whether or not you consider yourself to be “vain,” most of us care deeply about our appearance. Our society as a whole cares about appearance too. If you feel insecure about your skin, you may be less likely to go to social events where you’ll have to meet new people. You may turn down opportunities for relationships or new friends because of a fear of being judged on your appearance.
  • It can hold you back professionally. Most jobs involve some face to face interaction with others on a daily basis. Whether it’s speaking in a meeting, greeting customers, caring for clients or patients, or presenting products or services, people see your face. When you’re worried about your skin, your confidence and self-assuredness won’t shine through. You may even come across as less friendly or determined.
  • It can hurt your budget. People who have acne may try dozens of products, only to find that they don’t work. Unfortunately, acne can be a persistent condition that is difficult to treat with many over-the-counter products. Some of the treatments in the store are overly harsh, and can make irritation and breakouts look worse. Instead of picking something up off the shelf that you’re not sure will work, see a skin care expert like an aesthetician who can evaluate your individual needs and recommend treatments that are proven to be effective.

Don’t let acne interfere with your enjoyment of life! There are safe and effective treatments available that can help you get clear, beautiful skin again. Contact Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center to learn more about how we can help!

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