6 moves new moms can use to slim down

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May 4, 2015, 10:00:00 AM

exercises for new momsIt can be tough getting your body back after having a baby. However, by following these easy weight-loss tips, you can lose your excess baby weight and get back your slim figure.

Try these six moves for new moms:

  1. Walking: Begin with an easy stroll and work your way up into a power walk. Each day, you’ll go farther and farther.
  2. Breathing deeply and contracting your abdomen: This exercise helps relax your muscles and begins to strengthen and tone your belly.
  3. Lifting weights: Try head lifts, shoulder lifts, and curl-ups to help strengthen your back muscles and tone your abs. These exercises burn calories, too!
  4. Kneeling pelvic tilt: Try this exercise to relieve back pain and tone your tummy as you hold the position for a count of three and release.
  5. Performing kegels: Contracting and holding the muscles that control the flow of urine can help tone bladder muscles and reduce the risk for incontinence associated with childbirth.
  6. Exercising with your baby: Try the baby glider, baby bouncer, or rock-a-baby squats and curls to work up a sweat while spending quality time with your newborn.

Read more about these new-mom exercises on WebMD.com.

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