6 ways to enhance the appearance of your cleavage

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Apr 28, 2015 10:00:00 AM

how to enhance your cleavageTaking steps to enhance your cleavage can help you feel more attractive and confident about your appearance, and could help make your breasts look larger, rounder, and fuller. If you are happy with your current breast size, but want to play up your cleavage to look and feel more feminine, there are several natural ways to achieve this look on your own. You could even look into breast lift surgery, which has the ability to help improve, reshape, and contour your breasts so they look more youthful and perky.

Take a look at the following six ways to enhance the appearance of your cleavage.

1. Use cookie or cutlet inserts

In the world of lingerie, cookies and cutlets are types of silicone bra inserts that you can use to manipulate and reshape your breasts when wearing a bra. If your breasts are heavy or sagging, place the cutlets underneath your breasts to make them look rounder and perkier. If you simply want a deeper cleavage, place a cutlet on the outside of each breast to push your breasts more closely together.

2. Invest in shapewear

Visit the lingerie section in your favorite department store to look for shapewear, which is special lingerie in the form of bodysuits and bras that can reshape your body and curves in the manner you desire. Technology has helped shapewear manufacturers develop pieces that are comfortable to wear, unlike tight, restricting girdles from years past. Try wearing contouring bras, bustiers, and camisoles that can reshape your breasts and make them appear bigger or perkier.

3. Wear v-neck tops

V-neck tops and dresses are designed to draw attention directly to your cleavage, which can help accentuate your existing cleavage regardless of breast size. If you do have relatively large breasts, wearing v-neck tops can make you look more shapely than if you were to wear regular tops with higher necks. Sometimes, tops without v-necks can tend to stretch tightly across your breasts and result in a shelf-like appearance. Stick to wearing v-necks as much as possible to accentuate your womanly curves.

4. Prevent your chest from wrinkling

If you feel self-conscious about showing off your cleavage due to having wrinkles on your chest between your breasts, switch to sleeping on your back, if possible. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you may be at higher risk for developing wrinkles in your cleavage area. Wrinkles could also be caused by excess sun exposure. When spending time outdoors, apply sunscreen and moisturizer products to your chest to help keep cleavage wrinkles at bay.

5. Wear bronzer makeup

Many Hollywood celebrities are now playing up their cleavages by applying bronzer makeup to the tops and outsides of their breasts. Start out by wearing a push-up bra, then use either an aerosol spray or powdered brand of bronzer makeup to outline your cleavage. This makeup technique can make your cleavage look more natural by tricking the eyes of observers.

6. Consider having breast surgery

If you’re looking for a permanent way to enhance your cleavage, consider having either a breast lift or breast augmentation. A breast lift can help make your breasts look rounder, fuller, and perkier without modifying your current breast size, whereas breast augmentation can help increase the size of your breasts. You can also have both breast surgeries combined for a total chest makeover. Schedule a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options for breast surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can also make recommendations on the best procedure for you based on your body type and on the look you hope to achieve.

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