6 ways to prevent your hands from aging

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Mar 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

how to prevent hands from agingYour eyes may be the door to your soul and the road to your heart, but your hands are often the window to the rate at which you’re aging. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, most people neglect to extend their skin care routine to their hands. The skin on the back of your hands is often thinner than the skin on most other parts of your body, and is more susceptible to damages such as visible veins, age spots, loose skin, and wrinkles. While your body and face may look youthful, your hands could be revealing your true age if you fail to take care of them.

Don’t let the appearance of your hands reveal your true biological age! Here are six great ways to prevent your hands from aging.

1. Use a gentle brand of hand soap

Most commercial brands of hand soap contain harsh irritants that can strip your skin of its natural oils and lead to inflammation and cracked, dry skin. If you’re using antibacterial hand soap or liquid hand soap with harsh ingredients, switch to using a gentler brand of soap rich in vitamins and moisturizer. After each use, dry your hands thoroughly to prevent them from becoming chapped or chafed.

2. Start wearing latex gloves around the house

Dishwashing liquid, disinfectant spray, bleach, and other common household products and chemicals can be incredibly harsh on your skin, and will eventually strip your skin of its natural oils. Invest in a comfortable pair of latex gloves you can wear consistently on days you do household chores to reduce your hands’ exposure to chemicals and hot water.

3. Apply sunscreen to your hands daily

Keep in mind that your hands could be exposed to the sun more often than your face, especially when driving. Start using a moisturizing brand of hand cream that contains an SPF of at least 15, and apply it to your hands every day, including those that are overcast. Failing to apply sunscreen to your hands can increase your risk for sun spots, uneven pigmentation, and wrinkles.

4. Moisturize your hands daily

Moisturizing lotion has the ability to repair and restore hydration to your skin, especially when cold, dry weather conditions or harsh irritants have caused your hands to become cracked, dry, and sore. Buy hand moisturizer loaded with vitamin E for the best results, or shop our Monarch Skin Store to find skin care products ideal for your skin type.

5. Gear up for cold weather season

If you live in a state or region susceptible to snow and freezing temperatures, wear mittens or gloves when outdoors to keep your hands warm and to prevent them from becoming chapped, dry, cracked, and inflamed. Cold air and wind will deplete your skin of moisture and oil production, and accelerate the aging process. Alternately, hot, dry air from the furnace in your home can also lead to dry skin. Run your humidifier on cold, blistery days to retain moisture in the air, and keep your hands covered at all times when outdoors.

6. Consult with a professional aesthetician

Today, there are a number of cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments that can help repair signs of damage on your hands and contribute to the anti-aging process. If you’re having difficulty with repairing signs of damage on your hands using the treatments above, schedule a consultation with a skin rejuvenation professional. Examples of treatments that can be used to treat aging hands are photorejuvenation IPL/BBL treatment, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermal fillers. During your consultation, an aesthetician will offer you the best recommendations for treatment based on the appearance of your hands.

Do your hands give away your true age? Request a consultation with Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center, or call us today at (913) 663-3838 for our Leawood and Lansing offices, or at (816) 436-3262 for our North Kansas City location to learn more about how to achieve beautiful skin.

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