9 tips for recovering from breast reduction

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May 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

recovering from breast reduction surgeryBreast reduction surgery has the ability to completely transform the lives of women who struggle with having larger breasts. A woman named Amanda Eisenberg opted to undergo breast reduction after nine years of suffering from back problems and from having to cover up her body at summer camp.

Eisenberg shares her “9 Things To Know About The Post-Op Experience” here:

1. Drains are great and terrible

Drains are tubes stitched near each breast that are attached to a container that help remove the matter that causes swelling. Amanda acknowledges drains can be uncomfortable and itchy, but gave her faster results.

2. You will need help

Amanda warned her mother on the night following her procedure that she would probably be sleepwalking that night. Amanda’s mother slept near her for the entire week she had drains, which prevented her from hurting herself.

3. You may not love your body right away

Your body proportions may change as your breasts decrease in size. Amanda admits she watched television and ate throughout her recovery process, which she says made her feel like a beached whale on the couch.

4. …But you may feel better about your body immediately

After breast reduction surgery, you may feel that a weight has been lifted, because it actually has! You may no longer feel the need to hunch over while sitting down or standing up, and you demonstrate better posture. Amanda’s friends complimented her on her new body, and it was a nice ego boost.

5. All you’ll want to do is shower

Your post-op cleansing includes only washcloth baths. You’ll need a designated caretaker to help you wash, dry, and put on clothes throughout the first week of recovery. Your hair may become dirty, so think about scheduling a haircut or small trim so you can get your hair washed. Amanda even enlisted help from dry shampoo tutorials to keep her blowout fresh for as long as possible.

6. You’ll enjoy shopping the clothes in the back of your closet

Those lumpy sweaters or too-tight tops thrown into the back of your closet can be pulled out and tried on now. You may even find that an entirely new outfit exists in your wardrobe! Your favorite clothes won’t necessarily need to be tossed away, as they may look even more amazing on your body.

7. Recovery will be hard

You can prepare all you want, but recovery can be difficult. You may not enjoy drains or staying at home all the time. You may want to enlist help from a good caretaker during this time period. Remember, you cannot lift your arms, put on a seat belt, or lift any objects -- doctor’s orders. Try using a step stool to get out of bed, and plan on watching a few of your favorite movies or television shows.

8. Bras may be optional now

Depending on how small you go, you may not need bras anymore. For nearly a year, you can’t actually wear wire bras, but there are plenty of chic wireless options in your new size. You now have plenty of options in bandeaus, bralettes, and bathing suits -- not to mention the pasties displayed at Victoria’s Secret.

9. It will take time to get used to the results

Amanda admits she continues to wake up and notice the results of her breast reduction surgery. She doesn’t have to worry about inappropriate cleavage display, or stress about finding the right size shirt. Walking in front of a mirror, Amanda continues to be surprised by her figure, and you may be too, if you have breast reduction surgery.

Read more about Amanda’s recovery on Bustle.com.

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