A facelift can look natural: here's how

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May 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM

getting a natural looking faceliftWhen you think of a facelift, you may conjure up images of overtightened faces and a “pulled” look. Perhaps you dislike the sagging skin on your face and neck, and feel that gravity has taken its toll, but you just don’t think a facelift is for you.

You may be surprised to learn that with the right surgeon and the use of advanced techniques, a facelift can — and should — look natural. In fact, you may find that a well-done facelift takes years off your face, but others can’t tell you had surgery at all.


How a facelift should be

A facelift can address many issues, including sagging skin on the face and neck, loose muscles, and wrinkles and jowls. The lower portion of the face and neck is where most of these issues appear. If your face seems to be sagging into your neck area, or you don’t see a clear line between your jawline and neck, then a facelift may be just what you need.

With a properly done facelift, your skin and muscles will not be artificially pulled back, but will be lifted and placed in a more youthful position — just like they were when you were younger. The goal is to reverse the effects of gravity and to restore your facial structures to create natural and attractive contours.

During your consultation, talk with your surgeon about your areas of concern and what kind of results you can expect from a facelift. You’re looking for a surgeon who wants to enhance your natural beauty and create the best version of you — not make you look like someone else.


A simpler, quicker procedure

Even the best facelift doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure with a long recovery. A mini facelift can often provide you with the rejuvenation you want, without the invasiveness and time involved in a full facelift. The key is finding a surgeon who knows precisely which areas to target for a maximum anti-aging effect.

A mini facelift can be done under local anesthesia, and you can be back to work within a few days. With good surgical technique, you’ll have minimal scarring and bruising, with tiny incisions that are well camouflaged. Be sure to ask your surgeon about their facelift techniques and experience, and view before and after photos to ensure they know how to deliver natural-looking results. For those with busy schedules, a mini facelift is an optimal way to eliminate multiple signs of aging in one fast procedure.

If you’re considering a facelift or mini facelift, talk with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in facial rejuvenation. Contact Monarch Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today!

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