A low-fat diet can help some women beat breast cancer, says new study

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Jan 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM

low fat diet can help improve breast cancerReducing the amount of fat in your diet may be able to do more than just slim your waistline. According to preliminary findings from The Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study, adopting a low-fat diet can help women beat breast cancer after undergoing surgical treatments.

All participants involved with the study used various forms of hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation under the supervision of their doctors. Low-fat dietary assignments were randomly given to 975 of the 2,437 women participating in the study, whose goals were to get only 15 percent of their calories from fat. Individual counseling sessions were provided to the women, along with dietician meetings once every three months over the course of 16 weeks. The other 1,462 women who did not adopt the low-fat diet were used as the study’s control group.

Researchers state that the possible benefits were apparent after five years for all women on the low-fat diet. They found that the mortality rate for women who adopted the new diet was 10 percent less than the mortality rate of women in the control group. This gap continued to grow the longer the group was studied, suggesting that the diet had an impact on beating breast cancer.

The study does not have a definitive conclusion about low-fat diets and the ability to beat cancer, but researchers point out that a lifestyle intervention might improve survival rates for women who were involved in the study and had cancer. For more information, check out this article courtesy of the LA Times.

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