Are Botox® parties safe?

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Jun 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

safety of botox partiesWhat are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think about parties? For most adults, parties bring to mind cocktails, fun and games, low lighting, lowered inhibitions, and questionable choices you may or may not regret down the road.

While every party you attend may not be this careless and irresponsible, it’s wise to use your best judgement when going to a party that offers Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures that can affect and alter your physical appearance and health.

What is a Botox party?


A Botox party is a gathering in which individuals receive cosmetic botulinum toxin injections in a non-medical setting. Botox parties often take place at a person’s home, and are usually administered by unqualified medical professionals. Additionally, the “Botox” pharmaceuticals administered aren’t always authentic or FDA-approved and might be diluted, which can lead to unwanted physical results and adverse side effects.

The dangers associated with Botox parties

The nature and setting of Botox parties are rarely safe, and can put you at high risk for complications and adverse aesthetic results. For instance, consuming alcohol at a Botox party can impair your judgement and that of the injector, and lead to poor, risky decisions. Similarly, poor lighting and an unstable work environment can result in mistakes.

Another major risk associated with Botox parties involves poorly administered injections. Excessive injections or injections made in the wrong place can lead to droopy eyelids and/or facial asymmetry, which can take weeks or months to correct. An unqualified medical professional may also fail to properly sterilize medical supplies and the site of the injection, which can lead to infections and scarring.

Seeking professional Botox treatment

In the end, it’s wise to visit a properly trained and experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon or nurse injector who can offer Botox injections in a safe, sterile medical environment. An accredited nurse injector or surgeon can answer any questions you have about the procedure, and ensure your results are as long-lasting and as satisfactory as possible. Botox results will often last for up to three to four months or longer if you undergo several treatments over a period of time.

Don’t submit to Botox treatments at parties in non-medical settings: instead, meet with an experienced injector who can offer and produce professional, satisfactory results.

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