Beauty talk: Debra Messing on her red hair and healthy look

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Sep 28, 2015 9:00:00 AM

debra messing beauty tipsYou may know her as Grace Adler (Will & Grace) or Molly Kagan (The Starter Wife), but Debra Messing’s signature ginger hair and beauty can be spotted in any role, even as she continues her career as Laura Diamond (The Mysteries of Laura). Celebrities seem to always have the secrets to youthful-looking skin and trendy hairstyles — the truth is you can have these looks too!

MORE Magazine recently sat down with Messing and asked her to divulge her beauty secrets:

On her character, Laura’s beauty regimen and look

“I would imagine that Laura is the most time efficient and practical groomer around. I see her having a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner and, if she has sensitive skin like me, she probably washes her face with a bar of soap, puts on some deodorant and walks out the door,” explains Messing. “I love that Laura has no vanity. She’s a practical person and requires comfortable clothes that don’t restrict her movement so she can be at the top of her game in her profession [as a detective].”

On her busy life and healthy lifestyle

“Being a single, working mom definitely made me aware of how important strength and endurance were for me to be a great employee and active and involved mother. A few years ago, I found myself tired all the time and decided to take a hard look at my nutrition. I did all the hard stuff: I cut out sugar, coffee, alcohol, fried foods, white flour — everything that I have learned contributes to fatigue. I added a daily green vegetable drink and eat only organic foods. As a result, I feel much better. I certainly miss my pizzas and candy but I like how I feel too much to go back,” says Messing.

On how she went red and never looked back

“The first film I was cast in was A Walk in the Clouds, and they wanted me to dye my hair blond. Given that I am of Russian and Polish descent, they realized that might be tricky, and decided instead to go for red. I had to keep my color that way for several months after the movie in case they needed to do reshoots, and during that time I got my first Clairol commercial and my first primetime television guest-starring role on NYPD Blue,” Messing reminisces. “All of a sudden, I was being cast. Then I got my first TV show, Ned and Stacey. For every job I got after that, the producers would say they wanted me to keep my red hair.”

On her profession and beauty

“It’s very hard as a woman to work in an industry that reveres youth and beauty above all. As a woman in my forties, I am trying to age gracefully. Because I’m on camera everyday, I do pay more attention to skincare … I drink a ton of water, am careful in the sun, never go to sleep with make-up on, and use lots of creams and serums,” says Messing.

On the surprises of aging

“After eight years of reckless physical comedy on Will and Grace, I can say that I feel the aches and pains much more now than I once did, but it was worth it,” Messing explains.

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