Beauty tips for women of all ages

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Apr 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM

beauty tips for women of all agesEvery decade, there are new trends in beauty products, beauty procedures, and skin care routines. Instead of using the same old regimen your grandmother swore by, check out these helpful to-dos for every age!

30 and flirty

  • Every time you shampoo, conditioner too.
  • Begin using an aggressive skin-care regimen.
  • Invest in good concealers.
  • Pick at your skin to clear away dirt.

40 and fun

  • Ease up on your hair routine.
  • Balance your regimen for skin care.
  • Try wearing less makeup.
  • Wash your hair frequently.

50 and fabulous

  • Get your hair’s body back.
  • Reduce skin redness.
  • Revive fading brows.
  • Don’t skip shimmer.

60 and sophisticated

  • Let your hair grow.
  • Rethink your moisturizer.
  • Define your eyes.
  • Do less aggressive exfoliation.

Learn more about these beauty tips from More Magazine.

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