Benefits associated with facelift surgery

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Jan 20, 2015 9:30:00 AM

benefits associated with facelift surgeryYour face could play the most important role in your overall physical identity. The way your face looks can sometimes reveal a lot about the type of person you are, as well as your age, and how well you take care of yourself. A youthful, smooth face may indicate that you’re energetic, happy, and healthy, whereas a tired, worn-out face with wrinkles can indicate that you feel exhausted most of the time and lack good nutrition.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that helps improve visible signs of aging in your face and neck by tightening your underlying facial muscles and reshaping excess fat. A facelift can address any part of your face that you and your plastic surgeon determine needs improvement, such as sagging in your jowls and chin. In most cases, a facelift will result in your having a fresher, revitalized, and more youthful appearance.

In addition to offering aesthetic benefits, a facelift can make you feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. A number of new studies even say that a facelift can help advance your career in the professional workplace.

Common problems corrected by facelifts

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to facelift surgery. During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you’ll have the opportunity to express how you feel about your appearance, and speak in length with your plastic surgeon about how your concerns can best be addressed through surgery. In most cases, your plastic surgeon will provide you with expert, realistic advice about what will, and will not work in regards to what you want to achieve through a facelift.

Common problems that can be resolved with a facelift include:

  • Sagging jowls, or double chin

  • Loss of skin elasticity

  • Creases between the base of your nose and the corners of your mouth

  • Loss of shape or contour in your chin and neck

  • Loss of muscle tone in your face and neck

Benefits of facelift surgery

There are countless benefits to having facelift surgery, the best of which include an enhanced, more youthful appearance and improved self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, facelift surgery is associated with the following benefits:

  • Tightened facial muscles. As you age, the underlying muscles and structures of your face will naturally begin to sag and weaken over time. During facelift surgery, your plastic surgeon will tighten and reshape your underlying muscles, and extend the lifespan of a youthful appearance.

  • Repaired loose skin. Any sagging skin on your face will be trimmed and tightened to result in a younger-looking, more natural appearance. Your plastic surgeon will not overly tighten your face to the point where your skin looks tight, pulled, and unnatural.

  • Improved facial shape and contours. There are several different variations of a facelift your plastic surgeon can perform based on your individual needs. A lower facelift focuses more on improving the look around your jawline and chin, and can help eliminate jowls and a double chin. On the other hand, a mid-facelift focuses more on improving the look of your cheeks and eyelids.

Are you interested in learning more about how a facelift and other facial rejuvenation procedures can help restore youth to your look? For more information, call Monarch Plastic Surgery today at (913) 663-3838 for our Leawood and Lansing offices, or at (816) 436-3262 for our North Kansas City office. Or, request a consultation using our online form to learn more about our cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and in-office procedures.

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