Benefits of mineral makeup

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Apr 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM

benefits of mineral makeupMineral makeup isn’t a brand-new concept; in fact, it’s been around for decades. But today’s educated consumers are learning about the benefits of using more natural products on the skin, which has caused a resurgence in its popularity. Here are some of the reasons mineral makeup is the ideal solution for many different skin types:

  • It’s naturally anti-inflammatory. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can actually help calm and soothe the skin, helping your skin look and feel better over time.
  • It lets skin breathe. Many foundations and synthetic powders can feel heavy, greasy, or just uncomfortable on the skin. But with mineral makeup, you may not feel like you’re wearing makeup at all. It has a no-makeup feel combined with a flawless look that’s great in photos and in person.
  • It won’t exacerbate skin problems like redness and breakouts. Because they are gentle to the skin, natural minerals generally don’t cause irritation like traditional makeups can. And many synthetic foundations can clog pores, making breakouts worse. Mineral makeups are ideal for nearly all skin types, including sensitive skins.
  • It lasts longer than synthetic makeups. The natural minerals aren’t easily rubbed off from sweating or oiliness, so you can expect a long-lasting and natural looking result with fewer touch-ups. Not to mention, you won’t ruin your favorite shirt collar with a telltale foundation stain!
  • It’s naturally more hygienic. Mineral makeup doesn’t contain oils or other ingredients that encourage bacteria growth. It therefore has a longer shelf life than many other types of makeup and won’t spread germs.
  • It doesn’t contain perfume, synthetic dyes, or irritating preservatives. Minerals don’t have an unpleasant odor and as stated above, they naturally resist bacterial growth. For this reason, adding synthetic fragrance or preservatives isn’t necessary. This is a welcome relief for people who may find that foundations irritate their skin or cause breakouts. In many cases, synthetic ingredients are the trigger for skin problems.
  • It provides a more natural look that’s buildable. We all know what happens when you apply too much regular foundation: you look like you have too much makeup on. But mineral makeup’s natural ingredients complement the skin, and look fresh even when you want fuller coverage. For this reason, it’s great for concealing flaws and imperfections without looking artificial.
  • You’ll look amazing! Mineral makeup is an excellent complement to skin care services like dermabrasion and a medical facial. Whether you’re hoping to conceal some flaws or just want your skin to look as great as possible, mineral makeup will bring out the best in your individual beauty.

Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center is thrilled to announce the debut of our very own mineral makeup line! Designed to help you look and feel your best while keeping your skin healthy, we have something for nearly any age or skin type. Come to our Monarch Mineral Makeup Launch Party on April 13 and 14 to learn more about our exciting products and see them for yourself.

If you miss the launch, we still welcome walk-ins, or you can schedule your very own makeover by calling 913-317-9386. See how beautiful - and natural - your skin can look with quality mineral makeup designed by our skincare experts!

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