Body contouring helps promote healthy weight

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Jun 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM

body-contouring-after-weight-lossLosing a significant amount of weight is an accomplishment to be proud of, but what happens when you still have leftover skin, uneven pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise, and you are unhappy with your new appearance despite being thrilled with your new size? Body contouring may be the answer. In addition to improving your overall appearance after significant weight loss, body contouring has also been shown to have additional benefits such as promoting long-term weight stability and weight loss.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring after significant weight loss is a combination of procedures that together are designed to improve the overall shape of the body. Body contouring also increases the appearance of a toned body by removing overlying sagging folds of skin to reveal the toned structures underneath the newly tight skin in the treated area. Patients who seek body contouring may elect to undergo only one procedure or several depending on their specific needs. The most common body contouring procedures include body lift, liposuction or SmartLipo™, thigh lift, tummy tuck, and arm reduction.

Research proves long-term, sustained weight loss after body contouring

A recent study in Switzerland confirmed that patients who undergo body contouring procedures after significant weight loss are far more likely to sustain their weight loss than patients who do not undergo body contouring procedures. The study examined patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost a subsequent amount of weight.

Approximately half of the patients underwent body contouring procedures to remove excess skin and tissue after their weight loss while the other half did not. Seven years after the initial gastric bypass, those who had undergone body contouring had kept off a significant amount of their original weight loss, with some losing even more weight while those who underwent gastric bypass were able to lose far less weight overall. 

Upon further investigation, researchers found that only four percent of patients in the study returned to their original weight, while three times as many who underwent only gastric bypass returned to their original weight.

Improved lifestyle and additional health benefits

In addition to sustained weight loss, patients who undergo body contouring procedures often experience a number of additional benefits. By removing excess folds of skin, many patients begin to have improved hygiene and an easier time when showering or bathing. Removing excess sagging skin also reduces the risk of skin infections and breakdown within the folds. Additionally, overall mobility may increase, as excess skin will no longer be in the way when bending over and tying shoes or trying on clothes. These changes not only improve an individual’s lifestyle, but they bolster the positive psychological effects of the original weight loss and increase the natural desire to maintain that weight loss. However, to undergo body contouring procedures and to reap the most benefit from such procedures, it is important to be healthy to begin with, to be at or near a healthy weight for at least six months, and to be a non-smoker.

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