Botox and fillers are very safe, suggests new study

Posted by Monarch Plastic Surgery

Jan 14, 2015 10:00:00 AM

safety of botox and fillersA new study from Northwestern University has just revealed more about the safety of Botox, dermal fillers, and laser skin treatments. The study found that only minor side effects from these procedures have been reported from patients and dermatologists involved in the research.

According to lead study author Dr. Murad Alam, it’s suspected that the rates at which side effects can occur from Botox, fillers, and laser skin treatments may be low. However, despite the positive findings, Alam says they did not realize the the study would reveal such low numbers.

A few of the side effects reported in the study were bruising, lumpiness, and skin discoloration. The report found that only less than one percent of individuals involved in the study experienced these side effects, which may be attributed to the doctors’ professional experience. Only dermatologists who routinely perform these procedures were included in the study. The results point to a possible conclusion that more negative side effects could occur if doctors are not well practiced in the procedures.

Read “Botox and fillers are very safe, study suggests,” to learn more about the research findings.

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