Breast augmentation: Facts and figures

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Sep 17, 2014 8:30:00 AM

breast-augmentation-factsBreast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure among women in the United States. Women opt to undergo breast augmentation for a number of reasons, such as correcting breast asymmetry, to reversing sagging and drooping due to aging or pregnancy, to simply wanting a larger bust. This popular surgery has come a long way over the years to become so popular. Read on to learn more about this procedure, its history, and why women love it.

Basic breast augmentation statistics

Breast augmentation is consistently among the most popular of plastic surgeries among women, often ranking as the number one procedure. In fact, more than 300,000 breast augmentations have been performed annually in the United States over recent years. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly equal to the population of St. Louis and about three-fourths the size of the population of Kansas City! It’s more than the entire population of the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the last 15 years, the popularity of breast augmentation has increased by 213 percent and it seems that it will continue to grow for some time.

Who is the average breast augmentation patient?

Breast augmentation patients come from all walks of life and seek plastic surgery for a number of reasons. However, the average patient is 34 years old, is either married or in a long-term relationship, and has at least some college education. She chooses a moderately sized implant about the equivalent of a C-cup or the size of a grapefruit, measuring between 300 and 400ccs. She is also 70 percent more likely to choose as silicone implant than saline, citing the natural feel of modern silicone implants over their saline counterparts as the reason why. When thinking about celebrity features, she is most likely to want breasts like Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, or Salma Hayek.

Patient satisfaction after breast augmentation

The vast majority of breast augmentation patients are glad they underwent the surgery (94 percent say it was worth it) and would recommend it to a friend or relative. More than 85 percent of women say they achieved their ideal size with breast augmentation, and 82 percent felt that their self-confidence was greatly boosted by the procedure. In terms of their intimate relationships, 70 percent of all women who had breast augmentation reported greater satisfaction regardless of whether they had more sex or not.

Breast augmentation history

Breast augmentation is so popular and commonplace now that it seems as if it has been around for a very long time. In some ways it has, but modern, FDA-approved implants have only actually been available for less than two decades.

Although attempts at breast augmentation and beautification can be traced back to ancient times, the first modern attempts were made in 1890, with the first breast reconstruction taking place in 1895. From the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, all manner of materials were used in breast augmentation attempts with very little standardization or regulation. Materials such as paraffin, wood chips, glass balls, sponges, and so on were used in breast augmentation, at times with disastrous results. However, in the 1960s, two Texas surgeons developed the first silicone breast implant prototypes after noticing how natural the silicone bags used to store blood felt in their hands. The first silicone implants were placed in 1962.

In 1974, the FDA and the US federal government stepped in and began to regulate breast implant manufacture and use. By 1992, silicone implants were banned in the United States except in the case of breast reconstruction, due to a number of safety concerns. In 2000, saline implants were approved by the FDA, filling the void left by the previous silicone implant ban. Saline implants, however, tended to feel less natural. After much study in clinical trials and the introduction of new manufacturing methods, the FDA deemed a new generation of silicone implants to be safe and gave approval for their manufacture and use in patients over the age of 22, starting in 2006. The popularity of breast augmentation has only grown since.

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