Breast augmentation: What to know as an athlete

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Jun 19, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

after breast augmentationCertified CrossFit coach and managing editor of mind/body wellness website Becca Borawski Jenkins underwent a breast augmentation after experiencing weight loss in a less than ideal spot — her chest. Many women who run, use the kettlebell, do CrossFit, and engage in other high-intensity workouts, consider breast augmentation when they lose fat in this area. Jenkins says she receives emails on a weekly basis from women seeking her perspective on breast augmentation as an athlete, most commonly dealing with choosing a doctor and navigating recovery.

Here are some key pieces of advice from Jenkins:

Choose a doctor who understands the importance you place on fitness

Athletes will have specific concerns related to their recovery following cosmetic surgery. Make sure your doctor knows you intend to return to working out as soon as possible, and find out how long he or she recommends you wait before returning to your regular fitness routine. It’s best to be open about what you want not only in the results of your surgery, but also your expectations of beginning to exercise again.

Drink more water than you think you need

Jenkins found that she needed to hydrate more often and experienced a week-long calf cramp in her right leg. Remember to listen to all advice from your doctor and what he or she recommends for your recovery process.

When you start exercising, if it feels funny, don’t do it

Some women may be able to begin exercising within a week of undergoing breast augmentation. Jenkins was able to run after two weeks and was back lifting weights within a month of her surgery. Your doctor can help you to determine when you can begin exercising again, but if you feel something is off, contact your doctor to discuss what may be happening. You may need to wait a little while to ensure you don’t experience any complications.

Read more about Jenkins’s experience with her breast augmentation surgery on Breaking Muscle.

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