Breast implants enhance more than your figure

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May 20, 2016 8:30:00 AM

benefits of breast implantsFor women who are unhappy with their breast size or fullness, it’s no surprise that breast augmentation has an extremely high satisfaction rate. One study revealed a staggering 98 percent of women said their breast augmentation results met or exceeded their expectations.

But beyond the obvious of adding volume, shape, and fullness to your bustline, other factors are at play. These women are probably seeing other benefits as a result of their surgery — benefits that can improve their lives as a whole.

Having a deeper, more complete sense of confidence

Most people have some features they really like about themselves. Perhaps you have beautiful eyes or a tiny waist. But all that can be overshadowed by a major feature you've always felt self-conscious about. Can you truly walk into a room and feel good about your body? After breast augmentation, many women feel that they can.

A better professional life

When you feel great about your appearance, including your figure, it comes across in your attitude and behavior at work. Even an underlying issue of feeling less confident or less feminine can make you feel uneasy in a business meeting or professional gathering. But if you know you look your best, your confidence will demand respect and attention, which can come across positively to peers.

Better relationships

This isn’t about your significant other wanting your breasts to be bigger. It’s about being happy with your own body, and how that comes across to those with whom you’re close. Each day when you look in the mirror and you feel satisfied with your body, you’ll feel that much better about yourself. One study showed that women who opted for breast augmentation noted improvements in intimacy as well.

Doing something enjoyable for you and only you

For women who have lived most of their lives with breasts that are too small for their figure, or those who lost the breasts they loved after pregnancy, breast augmentation can be the ultimate gift they give themselves. Being able to toss those padded bras and look great in everything from business suits to bikinis is a liberating and exhilarating experience.

Research shows that many breast augmentation patients aren’t looking for the “extreme” look you see online or on TV makeovers. They just want to feel feminine, and that their body looks proportional and healthy. Some women opt for implants that bring them up to a C or D cup — hardly what anyone might consider “oversized.”

If you’ve considered breast augmentation, but are afraid it won’t look “like you,” discuss your concerns with a plastic surgeon. With so many implant sizes and shapes available today, you can find one that gives you the figure you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to wait to enjoy the many benefits of breast augmentation. Discover what hundreds of thousands of other women now enjoy — schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery today!


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