Can plastic surgery improve your love life?

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May 21, 2014 9:30:00 AM

plastic surgery improves love lifeFew things are sexier than confidence, and confidence means being comfortable and happy in your own skin. Being confident may be harder for some, especially for those who have undergone dramatic weight loss or who are significantly unhappy with or embarrassed by certain parts of their bodies. It has long been known that improving one’s self-esteem often leads to improvements in one’s love life, and it turns out that those who undergo plastic surgery typically report significant improvements in their intimate relationships following surgery.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida College of Nursing, researchers found that women typically experience a significant boost in sexual satisfaction and arousal after plastic surgery; however, they also pointed out that this should not be the sole reason for undergoing plastic surgery. Psychological boosts just happen to be a terrific benefit to undergoing such surgery.

For the study, women were asked to rate their self-esteem and sexuality before surgery and about two to three months after surgery. All study participants had undergone breast augmentation for cosmetic purposes only. The results linked improvements in self-esteem and sexual satisfaction directly to breast augmentation. More than three-quarters of the women experienced significant gains in sexual desire, and more than 80 percent experienced increases in arousal. However, a very small number of participants did not experience significant levels of change in satisfaction or arousal, but the study did not indicate why — perhaps these women may already have been experiencing high levels of satisfaction in their intimate lives.

In a second study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, more than 95 percent of respondents expressed feeling significantly happier with their self-esteem and body image after plastic surgery. Women who had breast augmentation, liposuction, or a breast lift reported the highest levels of satisfaction.

Looking and feeling your best improves your self-confidence, and others will notice. When you look and feel great, you smile more often and others may perceive you as more open, healthier, and happier in general. For many women, this translates into improved relationships overall, but for the majority, it also means feeling sexier and more attractive. Feeling comfortable in your own body may help you not only feel great about yourself, but may help you feel fantastic when being intimate with your partner. By feeling confident, you will worry less about what your partner thinks of your body, and instead will be able to relax and just enjoy your experience.

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