Can plastic surgery make you more likeable?

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Apr 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

effects of cosmetic surgeryPlastic surgery changes your appearance, but can it also change how people think about you? Cosmetic procedures can help you look younger, and more symmetrical. When you meet new people, you may be prone to making quick judgements about those people based on their appearances whether you want to or not.

You may view people as kind, friendly, aggressive, or unlikeable based on their facial features and expressions at the time you meet them. Dr. Michael Reilly from Georgetown University and colleagues conducted a study that showed that many people continue to form impressions not only about looks, but personality, too.

The study, published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, included people who evaluated before-and-after photos of women who had undergone cosmetic procedures. After viewing the photos, each person formed impressions about each woman’s personality. Previous studies had pointed to a strong correlation between personality traits and physical features, so Reilly wanted to understand how a plastic surgeon’s work was affecting patients.

Cosmetic procedures are meant to help patients feel more attractive. The study found that participants tended to rate the women in post-op photos as being higher in social skills, likeability, femininity, and overall attractiveness. The results revealed how society tends to be biased against aging, with social skills and likeability being rated higher on images of women after they’ve had cosmetic surgery.

A previous study did not record the same results of post-op photos rating higher in attractiveness, so there is more research to be done. Do you think cosmetic procedures help increase attractiveness and likeability?

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