Can you tighten your skin without having surgery?

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Dec 12, 2014 9:00:00 AM

bbl skintyte treatmentIt may seem too good to be true, but what if you could tighten loose or sagging skin without surgery? You may have loose skin due to weight loss or aging, and have tried a number of at-home skin treatments without seeing results. Your sagging skin may be noticeable, but you don’t really have enough to warrant surgeries such as a facelift, thigh lift, tummy tuck, or other procedures that remove excess skin and tissues. If this sounds like you, then non-invasive BBL SkinTyte treatments may be the answer.

What is BBL SkinTyte?

BBL SkinTyte is a non-invasive treatment that uses gentle heat to penetrate deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen remodeling and growth. The results are new collagen formation that support the skin and reduce sagging and loosening. The heat applied to the skin during treatment is able to penetrate deeply without burning or causing other skin damage, and can be used to treat both small and large areas with little to no downtime. Common treatment areas include the face, jaw line, stomach, thighs, and neck, although BBL SkinTyte may be applied to most areas of the body.

Am I a good candidate for BBL SkinTyte?

The best candidates for BBL SkinTyte are those who understand that treatment can offer significant results that are not the same as those offered by surgical procedures. Patients should be overall healthy, and have mild to moderate skin laxity. Older patients above the age of 60 can undergo BBL SkinTyte treatment, but should not expect dramatic results, since the amount of collagen produced by the body is significantly diminished in later years and is not as easily remodeled or stimulated for new growth. A consultation with an aesthetician will help you determine whether your skin would benefit from BBL SkinTyte or other treatments.

My friend had BBL SkinTyte treatment — am I likely to have the same results?

It is important to understand that while BBL SkinTyte treatments may benefit most patients, your results will be unique to you and the condition of your skin and underlying tissues. Your results may be quite different from your friend’s results based on the area of the body being treated, and on any additional treatments you may also wish to have. In addition, your overall goals and the number of treatments may affect your results. An individual consultation is necessary to evaluate your skin, the areas to be treated, and to discuss your goals. You may be a fantastic candidate for BBL SkinTyte, but with different needs or different skin qualities compared to your friend. Or, it may turn out that other procedures might be better suited to help you reach your goals. A consultation will help you answer these questions and guide you through improving the health, elasticity, and other qualities of your skin.

Questions to ask during your BBL SkinTyte consultation

A few questions to ask during your BBL SkinTyte consultation include:

  • What additional options are available for skin tightening, and how do they compare?

  • How likely is BBL SkinTyte to help me reach my skin tightening goals?

  • Would surgical intervention be a better option for me? Why or why not?

  • What other treatments or therapies might best compliment my BBL SkinTyte treatment?

If you have loose or sagging skin, your first step should be devising a treatment plan, whether that includes BBL SkinTyte or another treatment. Call Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center to schedule a consultation at (913) 317-9386.

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