Chanel makeup artist reveals how Emma Stone achieves a natural look

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Feb 11, 2015 9:30:00 AM

emma stone's natural lookThe ending of the holiday season brings awards season, which means golden statues and red carpet fashion. It’s entertaining to watch award pre-shows and discuss the beautiful styles and cuts of the star’s dresses, and we also get a glimpse into trends in the beauty world. For example, one rising star has caught much of the red carpet attention for her perfect pairing of makeup and style.

Emma Stone has definitely captured the heart of hollywood through her acting and now, her fashion sense. Stone’s makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin of Chanel, took the time to share her top five tips for red carpet beauty:

1. Don’t rush

Goodwin recommends letting your moisturizer soak in for at least 30 minutes before applying makeup to allow your skin to better absorb all the product. If you rush the time, your makeup won’t stay on because your skin will have too much moisturizer sitting on the surface.

2. Don’t wear too much

Retouching your foundation and concealers is a pain, and can be time-consuming. To avoid having to retouch your makeup constantly, choose satin and velvet formulas instead of dewy finishes or tinted moisturizers. Try using a product that offers heavier coverage, dilute it with rosewater, and use a sponge to apply. This creates a much more natural look so others will find it difficult to tell if you’re wearing foundation.

3. Don’t over-contour

The new trend is countouring, but many people tend to overdo it. Contouring was first used for the stage or still photography, and not for everyday wear. However, if you’re going to use it, do it right. Goodwin recommends using a foundation that is a few shades darker than your typical shade. Apply the darker shade under your cheekbones, jawbone, and clavicle using a clean foundation brush. This will give you dimension without resulting in a crazy look.

4. Don’t go for the showgirl look

‘Tis the season for fake eyelashes, but it’s important to remain natural, says Goodwin. She goes for a natural strip of lashes, then cuts it into thirds. This allows her to place each strand in the appropriate place on a client’s eyelash line. When applying false eyelashes, try cutting the strand into thirds and make sure not to have the strand go longer than your natural eyes.

5. Don’t use gloss

Glossy textures don’t last long on your lips, so choose wisely. A velvet matte or cream color will help keep your lips colored for an extended period of time. Goodwin’s favorite lip colors are bright for her red carpet clients.

To learn more about Goodwin’s beauty tips, read "Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Shares Her 5 Red Carpet Beauty Tips" on Yahoo.

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