Choosing the right shape for breast augmentation

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Mar 24, 2015 9:30:00 AM

choosing an ideal shape for breast augmentationWhen planning for breast augmentation, most women devote their time to thinking about their ideal breast size. However, most breast augmentation patients tend to disregard the importance of breast shape until the moment they show up for their initial consultations with their cosmetic surgeons. Deciding on an ideal shape is often just as important as choosing a size when you’re interested in having breast augmentation.

Consider the following factors when deciding whether you should choose round- or teardrop-shaped implants for breast augmentation.

Round implants

Round breast implants are circular but flat, and are ideal for women who desire more fullness in the upper part of their breasts. These types of implants often tend to stick out and away from the body in a pronounced fashion, making the breasts project more outwardly. In most cases, your cosmetic surgeon will attempt to place round implants under your chest muscle to create an appearance of more fullness to the upper part of your breasts. Round implants tend to stay in place without moving around too much, and are effective at maintaining an attractive, round shape.

Most cosmetic surgeons end up choosing or suggesting round implants, since these types of implants are at lower risk for becoming wrinkled as other forms of textured implants. While this common opinion may vary between cosmetic surgeons based on their professional experiences, many believe that round implants lend a more natural shape.

Teardrop implants

Teardrop implants, which are also commonly referred to as contoured implants, tend to slope downward in the manner of natural breasts. Teardrop implants are ideal for women who want to retain the most natural look possible while also increasing the size of their breasts.

Teardrop implants are currently only available in saline, and offer a limited range of sizes, widths, and heights. If teardrop implants aren’t considered ideal for you based on the look you hope to achieve, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend that you go with round implants instead.

If you’re on the fence as to whether you should choose round implants or teardrop implants, ask your cosmetic surgeon about their professional opinion. In some cases, your surgeon will guide you in the right direction based on your goals, and may even recommend a breast lift or another cosmetic procedure that can help enhance your appearance.

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