Could a facelift change your life?

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Mar 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM

benefits of facelift surgeryIt’s an unfortunate reality that even the most attractive faces will experience the effects of age, sun exposure, and gravity. Not only can problems like lines and wrinkles make you look noticeably older, but many individuals also acquire sagging skin, loose muscles, and excess fat in the wrong areas (such as under your chin).

Many minimally invasive procedures, such as dermal fillers, can temporarily smooth wrinkles and add plumpness back to give you a more refreshed appearance. But depending on how much improvement you wish to see, this may not be enough.

The old myths about facelifts

Many people assume that a facelift makes you look artificial or “overtightened.” Although the early style of facelifts may have done this, today’s surgical techniques combined with the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon will give you a completely different outcome.

In years past, a facelift was often done by pulling the facial skin back toward the hairline, giving an almost “windswept” look that was not desirable for many people. But today, a facelift is commonly done by gently restoring the facial skin and fat upward to a more natural position. This mimics the shape and contours of your face when it was younger.

In addition, some people may be candidates for a mini facelift, which uses minimally invasive techniques and allows for a faster recovery. A mini facelift can tighten skin on the face and neck, eliminate wrinkles, give you a more attractive profile and jawline, and make you look years younger while still looking like you.

What a facelift can do for you

When our faces start to look older than we feel, it can be difficult to deal with. Lines and sagging skin can make you look unhappy or even unapproachable, interfering with your personal and professional life without you even realizing it.

But if you can step out with confidence and greet people with enthusiasm and a refreshed, natural-looking, youthful face, you look friendlier, happier, more rested, and ready to take on the day.

Imagine feeling at ease when you step up to speak during an important business meeting, or feeling confident walking up to a new person at a social event to introduce yourself. A facelift could offer the boost you need to help you achieve professional and personal goals. When your face looks radiant, your personality can truly shine through, and people notice. You’ll look as great as you feel, or maybe even better!

If you’ve been wondering if a facelift is right for you, we have the answers. Download our free e-book, The Basics of the Monarch Mini Facelift. To speak with an expert plastic surgeon about getting a younger-looking face, request your consultation with Monarch Plastic Surgery!

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