Determining if you need a breast lift

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Aug 29, 2014 9:00:00 AM

breast-lift-benefitsGravity, aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy all take a toll on a woman’s body, and usually these changes are reflected in a woman’s breasts. Unfortunately, these factors may cause the breasts to not only change in shape and size, but also to sag. For some women, the effects are fairly minor and are not a cause for concern. However, for other women, the sagging, along with changes in size and shape, may cause the breasts to droop noticeably, causing discomfort and even embarrassment. 

While some women might seek out a breast augmentation to combat such changes, a breast lift might be a more appropriate option — and can usually be combined with an augmentation. But, how do you know if you need a breast lift or not?

How do I decide if I need a breast lift?

The first step in deciding if you need a breast lift is to assess your overall appearance and comfort level with your breasts. Do your breasts sit on the chest in an attractive manner or do you feel like they are sagging and sitting lower on the chest than they should? Do you require significant adjustments to your bra to support the breasts and keep them in an attractive position? If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance and position of your breasts, you might be ready for a breast lift.

In addition to assessing the appearance of your breasts, take a moment to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself in profile without wearing a top or bra. Look specifically at the nipple line in relation to the crease beneath the breast. If you find that the nipple sits above the crease, you may not need a breast lift, but could benefit from a breast augmentation. However, if the nipples are below the crease, a lift will very likely be beneficial by raising the breasts and repositioning the nipple and areola. Some women might wonder if they can simply undergo a breast augmentation and skip a breast lift. However, if the nipples lie below the breast crease, an augmentation alone may actually cause the nipples to point in a more downward position rather than causing the breasts to appear lifted and in their ideal position.

The benefits of a breast lift

A breast lift, whether done on its own or with an augmentation, can not only improve the physical appearance, but also increases self-esteem and confidence. A breast lift may also translate to greater comfort in general, but also in your clothes, bras, and swimsuits. With greater comfort and confidence, you will likely exude greater happiness as well. For some, this translates to increased satisfaction in relationships and at work.

A breast lift may be a great option if you are satisfied with the overall size of your breasts, but not entirely happy with their position. To learn more about your breast lift options, call Monarch Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. For our Leawood and Lansing locations, please call (913) 663-3838, or for North Kansas call (816) 436-3262.

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