Do I need a breast reduction or breast lift?

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Mar 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM

breast reduction vs breast liftAn attractive bust line is about more than having breasts that are full and large. Many women who have breasts that sag, droop, or are too large feel that their busts make them look heavier and older. Additionally, most women who have very large breasts often have physical problems that interfere with their overall quality of life, such as chronic back and shoulder pain.

Breast procedures such as breast lift surgery and breast reduction are designed to help women who struggle with having full breasts. Not only can these procedures restore a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but a breast reduction can often help alleviate back and shoulder pain, too. But how do you know which procedure you really need?

Struggling with breasts that are too large

Women who are born with very large breasts face unique challenges. Often, their breasts become large shortly after hitting puberty, leading to shoulder and back pain early on. In addition, many teenage girls feel self-conscious about their breast sizes, or feel different from other girls their age due to having large breasts. They can also experience difficulty with fitting into junior-sized clothing, or finding bras and swimsuits that fit and look flattering.

As young women move into adulthood, large breasts can pose many of the same issues, such as difficulty shopping for bras, swimsuits, dresses, and business clothes, and facing ongoing pain caused by heavy breasts. Excessively large breasts can also make some women look heavier, even if they’re at a healthy weight and practice healthy eating and exercise habits.

Many of these women are excellent candidates for breast reduction surgery. This procedure involves removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from breasts to reduce their size and weight. It also helps make breasts more firm and proportionate to a woman’s body, and may include reducing the size of the areola as well. The goal is to achieve breasts that are proportionate to a woman’s body type, and give her a more aesthetically pleasing bust line.

Sagging breasts come in many sizes

Whether large or small, breasts can be pulled down by gravity and normal aging. This can start at a young age due to pregnancy or genetics, or can happen later in life. Breasts that sit too low on the chest due to sagging can appear less full and youthful. If you feel that your breasts sag too low, no matter what size they are, you may benefit from breast lift surgery.

For women who have large breasts that sag and droop, a breast lift can be combined with  breast reduction surgery. This not only decreases breast size, but moves the breast to a more attractive position on the chest.

Smaller or average-sized breasts can benefit from breast lift surgery as well. A breast lift can often add more cleavage and fullness without increasing breast size. Breasts can look fuller and more shapely without the addition of implants.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your breasts and quality of life with the help of a plastic surgeon. If you’re ready to find out what a breast lift or breast reduction can do for you, schedule your consultation at Monarch Plastic Surgery today!

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