Do I need a thigh lift or liposuction?

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Jun 15, 2016 8:30:00 AM

is a thigh lift or liposuction right for meThe thighs are a common problem area for so many reasons. Whether you tend to carry more weight there, you were born with a shape you don’t like, or you’ve lost weight and have excess skin and fat hanging on, thighs can easily get in the way of your ideal figure.

If you’re interested in tighter, slimmer, or more shapely thighs, there’s a good chance you can get them with the help of a plastic surgeon. But because thighs come in many different shapes and sizes, your thigh procedure should be completely customized for your needs.

Thigh problem: Excess skin or sagging

Do your thighs look like the skin is being pulled down, or you have excess skin from weight loss or aging? Does the skin look wrinkled or loose with small areas of excess fat? A thigh lift is usually the best solution for these issues.

For a thigh lift, your surgeon should plan to remove the excess skin, tighten the remaining skin, and remove pockets of fat if needed. Much of this will be based on where the excess skin is located, and the natural shape of your legs. An experienced surgeon will provide you with a lifted, more youthful look and a natural-looking appearance.

Although fat is often removed as part of a thigh lift, fat removal isn’t the primary purpose. A thigh lift focuses more on tightening and improving the look of the skin, using liposuction in small areas when needed.

Problem: Thighs that are too large or out of proportion

Women in particular tend to carry more weight in their thighs, but it’s also surprisingly common in men. Having thighs that are disproportionate can make you feel self-conscious and can make it difficult to find clothes that fit and flatter you. Many people are simply born with a genetic predisposition toward larger thighs, and all the leg lifts you can do won’t make them significantly smaller.

Liposuction on the thighs may be all that is needed for people who just need excess fat removed but have elastic, healthy skin. Liposuction can even be minimally invasive with a procedure such as Smartlipo™, which can also enhance skin tightening and have you back to work the next day! It’s a great option for many people who want to get rid of excess fat and tighten up the thighs - or many other areas of the body.

When both a thigh lift and liposuction are needed

In some cases, the best results are seen when a surgeon combines a thigh lift with liposuction. Although this is not always necessary, it is a great way to significantly improve the thigh contours and eliminate fat at the same time. This is an option you can discuss with your surgeon based on your skin elasticity and your aesthetic goals.

Are you tired of hating your thighs? Get the opinion and expertise of a plastic surgeon who is experienced in body contouring. Contact Monarch Plastic Surgery for your no-pressure consultation today!

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