Do you exercise? Tips to prevent acne, redness, and brown spots

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Dec 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Do you exercise? Tips to prevent acne, redness, and brown spots.jpgPhysical exercise is, of course, important for your health. Its benefits include weight control, improved mental health, reduced risk of some cancers and cardiovascular disease, and stronger bones and muscles. It can also help you achieve your ideal body. Unfortunately, though, as you exercise to improve your body, your skin can suffer. Physical activity can wreak havoc with your skin, leading to acne, redness, and brown spots. No matter how consistent you are with your skincare regimen and sun protection, exercise can cause pesky skin issues.

Don’t dismay! You can keep working on achieving a killer bod and still have smooth, clear, beautiful skin. Just use these tips to prevent acne, redness, and brown spots.

Use salicylic acid face wipes

Acne is often caused by a combination of inflammation, hormones, and bacteria. And though hormones are often the culprit when it comes to adult acne, sweating at the gym can also leave bacteria on your skin, leading to breakouts.

To avoid this from occurring, you need to get rid of that bacteria ASAP. Carry salicylic acid face wipes with you in your gym bag. Once you’re done your workout, pass a wipe over your skin. The wipes will exfoliate your skin and stop your pores from getting clogged with bacteria.

Ditch the protein drinks

Protein and exercise go hand in hand. Drinking a protein shake before the gym can boost your energy, while having one after the gym can help with muscle growth and healing. Unfortunately, though, the protein shakes containing casein or whey can lead to acne breakouts. These shakes contain the hormone IGF-1. Our bodies already regulate this hormone through complex systems. By throwing extra IGF-1 into the mix, you mess up that system, which can throw your hormones out of whack and lead to breakouts.

Change your skincare routine

Exercise is one of the biggest triggers for rosacea. The more you work out, the higher your body temperature increases. And the higher your temp gets, the more your blood vessels end up dilating, often more than they should. This can lead to temporary redness. Eventually this temporary effect could end up being permanent.

One thing you can do to combat exercise-related redness is to avoid working out in extreme temperatures. But other than that, you should look to your skincare routine to treat this problem. Using lightweight and fragrance-free products, as well as a gentle cleanser, can help you stave off redness. Products that contain vitamin C and caffeine can also help in this department.

Use sunscreen outdoors

If you like to run or exercise outdoors, then you might have some brown spots, unwanted freckles, and age spots due to your workouts. Working out outdoors increases your exposure to the sun, which makes you more susceptible to hyper pigmentation. To fight brown spots, use a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen when you’re exercising outdoors. Even better, use one that contains vitamin C, which is known to prevent hyper pigmentation and is also one of the best nutrients for beautiful skin.

Reapply often and don’t forget to use sunscreen on cloudy days, too!

Stay indoors

Though it can be difficult to go from an outdoor run with scenic routes and fresh air to an indoor treadmill, consider doing so when the sun is blazing, especially if you’re used to working out in the middle of the day. Working out indoors when the sun is at its peak will help you prevent brown spots and age spots.

Use soy complex, retinol, or natural alternative ingredients to fade spots

If you’re thinking “too little, too late” because you already have brown spots, don’t worry. You can treat them with skincare products. Products that contain a soy complex, or lightening products that contain retinol can help fade spots. Natural alternative ingredients to consider include daisy, coffee berry, or licorice root extract.

Request a consultation with Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center to learn more about medical-grade skincare products that can help you prevent exercise-related acne, redness, and brown spots.


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