Dos and don’ts for a fast tummy tuck recovery

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Mar 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

tummy tuck recoveryLet’s face it: we all have busy lives, and fitting in time for a cosmetic procedure requires planning. Once you’re done with your surgery, you’ll want to heal quickly and get on with your life.

Fortunately, with today’s surgical techniques and an experienced plastic surgeon, your tummy tuck and subsequent recovery will be faster and easier than ever. Many people opt for a tummy tuck after weight loss or as part of a mommy makeover after pregnancy, both of which can be managed with a busy schedule.

To help you get back to your life as quickly as possible, there are some things you should, and should not do in the days and weeks after surgery.

Do: Rest and drink plenty of fluids for the first few days. This is the most intense phase of healing, when your body works hard to heal incisions and get back to normal. Although you shouldn’t be walking long distances during this time, you will be encouraged to get up and move around the house.

Don’t: Pick up heavy objects or otherwise strain your abdomen until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead. As much as you may want to pick up your child or put away the groceries, those things will have to wait.

Do: Wear your compression garment as instructed. This not only keeps you more comfortable during the first few days, but can help you achieve a more favorable outcome.

Don’t: Take a bath or shower before your surgeon advises. It’s important to keep your compression garment on and your incision out of water until initial healing is complete, which usually takes around five days.

Do: Get support from family and friends. Although you may be feeling great after just a few days, you will likely still need help with daily tasks, child care, and other responsibilities. A supportive friend or family member will be a valuable asset to you during the early recovery period.

Don’t: Think you can do it all yourself. Returning to work before a week if you have a strenuous job is not advised. Even those with desk jobs should plan for more than a week off if possible. Trying to get back to normal life before you’re 100 percent ready will likely set your healing back even further.

Do: Call your surgeon if you have questions or concerns. Your surgeon will be happy to address your questions and stay in contact with you throughout your recovery period. Don’t miss important follow-up visits!

Don’t: Be a superhero. Take your pain medicine as prescribed, and don’t try to “tough it out.” A tummy tuck is surgery, and requires full recovery time. Work with your surgeon to keep pain manageable for you.

Most tummy tuck patients are pleasantly surprised at how smoothly their recoveries go, considering they followed their surgeon’s instructions. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon will go a long way toward having a pleasant recovery and a beautiful, toned abdomen!

Get the answers to your tummy tuck questions in our free e-book, All About Abdominoplasty. To schedule your consultation with one of our tummy tuck experts at Monarch Plastic Surgery, contact us today!

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