Everything You Need to Know about Halo Laser Treatments

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Feb 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Everything-You-Need-to-Know-about-Halo-Laser-Treatments.jpgDue to the natural aging process, sun exposure, and genetics, you might find yourself losing your youthful glow. Sun damage, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes can start to appear on your face.

Though there have been other laser treatments in the past, none were very effective at removing this type of skin damage. These laser treatments were often too deep or too shallow to eliminate the specific damage.

Luckily, technology is constantly improving in the cosmetic field, and there is now a revolutionary new system that blows all other laser treatments out of the water: Halo laser treatments.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The first and only laser of its kind

In the past, you only had two laser options to choose from: ablative and non-ablative. Using one or the other didn’t always offer the desired results. Halo laser treatments, however, offer both options in one pass. By using two lasers, the aesthetician can address both severe skin issues as well as mild concerns at the same time to create more comprehensive and dramatic results.

This hybrid factional laser is the first—and only—of its kind.

Customizable treatments

Because the Halo system uses two separate lasers with two separate objectives, treatments can be highly customized to your individual skin needs. Thanks to dynamic thermal optimization and intelligent energy delivery, the system can identify the precise energy level required to effectively and safely treat your problem areas. The treatments can be customized to the depth of ablation and coagulation that you require, while adjusting your downtime as well.

Whether you have mild or severe skin concerns, the Halo system can help you achieve the results that you desire. You can choose from a single, vigorous treatment or a series of less aggressive treatments.

How it works

Each treatment takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour to complete. A topical anesthetic is used to reduce sensation.

The problem skin zones will be measured with motion tracking technology in order to assure that the areas are evenly treated. Then, the Halo hand piece will be rolled evenly over the skin. The hybrid fractional laser works through the use of two separate wavelengths on the specific skin zones.

You may feel some heat and a pricking sensation during and immediately after your session, but you will experience little discomfort.

The benefits

The results that you’ll receive from Halo laser treatment are based on your unique skin concerns and goals. Some may choose Halo to diminish the appearance of sun damage, such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and tone, and sun spots. Others may choose Halo to reduce the signs of aging, such as uneven skin tone, deep creases and winkles on the face, and age spots.

Halo is also highly effective at improving the appearance of scarring, such as from chickenpox, injuries, or acne, and reducing the size of pores.

The Halo system can improve skin reflectivity and glow, helping you to look more fresh and youthful. Regardless of the reason for getting treatment, Halo can give you the best skin of your life.

Recovery and final results

You will be required to protect your skin according to the aesthetician’s instructions for the first 24 hours after your session. After this time, you will be able to resume your normal everyday activities.

Your skin will begin to peel after the first day. Within two to three days, you will notice a bronze appearance to the skin. Within two to five days, your initial results will start to show themselves, and your skin will then continue to improve over time. Most patients see final results after two to three weeks.

The results from your Halo laser treatments will last for several years as long as you protect your healthy new skin.

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