Expert cosmetic clinics are better than your regular beauty parlors

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Jan 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

cosmetic clinics versus beauty parlorsIn a recent Z News India article, Gunjan Gaur, permanent makeup expert and executive director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, revealed the benefits of visiting a cosmetic clinic over your average beauty parlor. Here is the list of reasons you should switch your routine:

  1. Your doctor is right there

Cosmetic clinics house skin-specialists who work with you to determine the best skin treatment for you. Your skin is first analyzed thoroughly, then you decide upon the right course of treatment with your doctor, which can help prevent allergies and side effects.

  1. You receive expert care

Having a skilled aesthetician apply a body treatment can make a major difference in how you feel. Cosmetic clinics make it a point to hire professionals who are skilled in both treatment and etiquette to make sure you feel comfortable and get the best results possible.

  1. You are immediately treated for any reactions

Even after the initial consultation process, you may experience adverse reactions from certain beauty treatments. Having your doctor by your side can help you receive the best care for allergies such as redness or rashes that may come about. If you have sensitive skin, a cosmetic clinic provides the best options immediately after treatment.

  1. Your doctor uses the best technology

Technology advancements are occurring daily, even in the cosmetic industry. Cosmetic clinics are equipped with the best and latest technology to help treat a variety of skin conditions. Some of the machines used are the Sciton Laser, Ultra-Sonic, Broad Band Light, and Micro Derma Abrasor.

  1. You have access to the latest advancements

Cost-cutting can cause you to experience skin problems at a regular beauty parlor, but cosmetic clinics buy the best products for your skin to help prevent any allergic reactions following treatment. In addition, modern clinics help give you multiple options for treatment so you aren’t stuck with choosing the only treatment available.

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