Five Tips to Prevent the Most Common Halloween-Related Injury

Posted by Monarch Plastic Surgery

Oct 30, 2017 11:29:56 AM

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Our pumpkin carving expertise has moved far past traditional triangle eyes and grins. A few of our faves this year include decorative, patterned pumpkins, this pop-culture perfection Wonder Woman pumpkin and of course, the ever-fierce Beyonce pumpkin. While you carve your work of art, make sure to keep your hands and fingers safe. The thicker skin of a pumpkin makes it especially easy for a mishap to occur. Plastic surgeons treat thousands of hand injuries each year around Halloween. According to ABC News, lacerations from pumpkin carving are one of the most common Halloween-related injuries. Keep Halloween festivities fun and free from harm by following pumpkin carving safety tips, especially if children are joining in on the fun!



First, make sure your carving area is clean and dry. Tools, hands and the pumpkin itself should all be dry to avoid any slips. The space should also be well lit. Next, the actual carving should always be left to adults. Let the kids draw the outline, pick out the design and clean out the pulp!


We recommend using the tools provided in carving kits. Bigger, sharper knives can be dangerous and get stuck. A carving saw is a much better option. Always carve slowly and away from the body. Finally, don’t forget about the other cute alternatives to carving. We love these easy painted pumpkin ideas!


The doctors and staff at Monarch wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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