Getting ready for plastic surgery: how to prep

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Jul 27, 2016 8:30:00 AM

preparing for plsatic surgeryThe days surrounding your decision to have plastic surgery can be exciting; after all, pretty soon you’ll be undergoing one or more treatments that can help enhance your physical appearance and the way you feel about yourself and your body.

But as much as you’re looking forward to your procedure, keep in mind that plastic surgery is still surgery, and that you’ll be expected to make a few lifestyle changes to maintain good health and the results of surgery.

If you’re thinking about scheduling a procedure, or if you’d like to talk to Monarch Plastic Surgery about your options, we’re here for you. And if you’ve got a surgery on the horizon, here are some tips that will help you prep and get ready for your next big procedure.

Be candid about your current lifestyle

At the time of your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, be honest and upfront about certain lifestyle factors that could impair your ability to heal from surgery. Failing to provide your surgeon with this information could affect the outcome of your procedure.

During your first appointment, your surgeon will ask you about your smoking habits, alcohol intake, exercise regime, nutrition habits, struggles with weight gain or weight loss, sleep patterns, stress level, and about any drugs or supplements you’re currently taking. Be as truthful as possible so your surgeon can properly prep you for surgery.

Understand your procedure in full

Educating yourself about your cosmetic procedure is key to knowing what to expect, and what to do in the weeks and months after your surgery to ensure the best results and recovery. Ask about recovery time so you can schedule time off work or arrange for childcare, and mention any concerns to your surgeon, such as those related to pain management and anesthesia, or about visible scarring.

Share your medical history

Inform your plastic surgery team of your full medical history so they can accurately identify risks that might be associated with your procedure. If for some reason the procedure you desire is too high-risk based on your medical history, your surgeon can recommend alternate cosmetic treatments that can help you achieve your ideal look.

Ask about post-operative care

Post-operative care instructions will be tailored to both you and your cosmetic procedure. For instance, breast augmentation patients will be expected to keep upper-body movements to a minimum throughout recovery, while body lift patients will be expected to wear one or more compression garments to reduce swelling. Ask about post-operative care details so you can make necessary preparations before visiting the clinic for surgery.

Monarch Plastic Surgery is home to an experienced team of board-certified surgeons who will help you prepare for surgery. Request a consultation to learn more about our many cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and in-office procedures, and get started on the path to looking and feeling your absolute best!

How to prepare for plastic surgery

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