Gorgeous legs — treatment for unsightly veins

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Jun 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

varicose-vein-treatmentAs temperatures begin to rise and summer approaches, many of us are pulling out shorts and other summer apparel that shows off our legs. For some, summer clothing can bring on feelings of anxiety, especially when spider veins and varicose veins are present. Spider veins are close to the surface, and are a mild type of varicose veins which gained the name “spider veins” due to their appearance — a web-like pattern of thin, reddish or purplish lines across the skin’s surface. Thankfully, spider veins can be easily treated with Intense Pulse Light technology.

Many patients are already familiar with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology as a facial treatment, often called photofacial, but the same treatment is well suited to treating spider veins. IPL, or photofacial, technology is well known for its ability to create a youthful appearance with minimal downtime and few side effects. Unsightly veins near the surface of the skin are treated with IPL through the use of light energy that is absorbed by the blood in the veins. A heat reaction occurs and destroys the targeted veins. Over time, the treated veins and the blood carried in them is reabsorbed into the body and are no longer visible.

Although other treatments are available depending on the needs of the patient, IPL treatment of surface veins has several benefits. The procedure is performed by Monarch Plastic Surgery’s highly skilled, licensed aestheticians who will develop a precise treatment plan for your particular needs. When you first meet with your Monarch Plastic Surgery aesthetician at Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center, a treatment plan will be devised for you based on the size of the area to be treated and on the number of areas to be treated.

Intense Pulse Light technology is a great alternative to surgical procedures to treat the surface veins. You will be in and out of the office and able to go about your day as normal, often within an hour or less. The discomfort after IPL treatment is significantly less than after surgery as well. Most patients report a sensation similar to a rubber band being snapped against the skin during IPL treatment, and afterwards, some may experience skin reddening of the treated area which typically resolves within a day or two.

It is important to note that while IPL typically has few risks or side effects, mild swelling, redness, bruising, or pigmentation do sometimes occur. These typically are temporary. You will need to have your skin examined prior to treatment to be sure that you are a good candidate as IPL is not suited to all skin types. If you are taking blood thinning medications or tetracycline, you will need to discuss these medications with your aesthetician before proceeding with IPL treatment. Also be sure to let your Monarch Plastic Surgery aesthetician know if you are diabetic or prone to a type of scar formation called a keloid.

In addition to treating unsightly leg veins, Intense Pulse Light technology is also ideal for treating sun damage and a number of other skin problems on the face, neck, chest, or hands. To learn more about IPL treatment for your spider veins or other skin concerns, call Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center at Monarch Plastic Surgery today at (913) 317-9286.

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