Great skin care procedures for winter time

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Feb 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM

winter skin careWe switch to wearing warm sweaters and boots when the temperature drops, and put tanktops away until summer. In the same way, everyone should modify their skin care routines to fit the season.

Weather has a big impact on your skin. Cold air outside coupled with dry heated air inside leads to dehydrated skin and problems like itching, cracking, and flaking.

You don’t have to accept these problems as part of the wintertime doldrums. If you’re proactive about taking proper care of your skin and modifying your products, you can prevent skin problems before they happen.


Cleanser may only be on your face for a few seconds, but can have a big impact on the rest of your routine. If you use a dry, harsh cleanser, you’re setting your face up to become parched and uncomfortable, especially in the winter. Even oily skin types can use a gentle cleanser and get good results; you don’t want your face to be “squeaky clean.” Your main objective is to remove all your makeup and the day’s pollutants at night, and create a fresh base for other products. This can be accomplished with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser that lacks alcohol and irritants. In the morning, if your skin doesn’t feel oily, simply do a quick tepid water rinse; no cleanser needed.

Anti-aging products

If you use an exfoliant like glycolic acid or a retinoid for anti-aging, you may notice that these products create more dryness and flaking in the winter. To combat this, layer a hydrating moisturizer on top of a product that suits your skin type, or select a creamier version for dry skin. Then, follow with a sunscreen for daytime. If you’re thinking about starting a new anti-aging product that’s known to cause dryness, consider starting your routine when the weather gets warmer and your skin is better able to handle initial dryness.

Avoid long, hot showers

Although it may feel good on a chilly day, you’re harming your skin’s protective barrier when you linger in hot water. You lose protective oils, and you’ll likely feel dry and itchy. Keep your showers warm but not hot, and get in and out as quickly as you can.

Use a humidifier

If your clothes and hair are full of static, chances are your home is too dry. Invest in a humidifier that suits the size of your home and use it daily. Not only will it combat dry skin, but your nose and lungs will be healthier too.

Good skin care goes a long way toward helping you look your best. If you want an extra boost to look even more youthful and radiant, contact Monarch Skin Rejuvenation Center to learn about the many options we offer to help you put your best face forward.

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