Hot tips for skin and hair care this Spring

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Apr 10, 2015 10:00:00 AM

spring skin and hair tipsSpring is upon us, and your skin and hair have survived another bitter winter. The beginning of a new season means the beginning of new skin and hair care habits. Cold winter air can negatively affect a healthy appearance, from removing moisture from your skin, to reddening your cheeks, to drying out your hair.

It’s not winter alone that has an effect on us. The transition into spring weather can be overwhelming for skin and hair, too. Determine which winter skin care habits you should keep, and which habits aren’t necessary for spring.

This spring try using moisturizers to rehydrate dry skin and find a good lip balm to restore chapped lips. Sunscreen and vitamins are essential to skin restoration! Sunscreen with SPF will help ease your skin into a newer, more sunny season, and Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E all have revitalizing values for your skin.

Treat your hair to a new, fresh style this spring. A new haircut can be invigorating and give you confidence with a new spring look. Take care of the winter effects with a hair masque and a tangle teasing brush to restore volume.

You can read more about spring beauty tips in “Spring Beauty Tips: How to Get Your Skin, Hair, and Makeup Prepped for the Season” from Huffington Post.

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