How much downtime can I expect after a thigh lift?

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Jan 27, 2016 4:00:00 PM

how long is thigh lift recovery timeLoose skin and sagging around the thigh area is a common complaint for women. If you have experienced significant weight loss or have simply inherited drooping skin from your parents, you may also experience dissatisfaction with your thighs. Diet and exercise can help reduce the amount of fat around the thighs and improve muscle tone. However, no amount of caloric restriction or intense fitness routine can remedy the sagging of the skin caused by a loss in elasticity.

Get firmer thighs with a thigh lift

A thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that creates a smoother and firmer contour around the lower body. This is achieved by the surgical reshaping of the thighs through the removal of excess skin. Those who have pockets of excess fat around the thighs and lower body may also undergo a liposuction procedure in conjunction with a thigh lift in order to achieve a better shape. The result is toned and proportional thighs with a mild to moderate layer of fat.

How much downtime can I expect after a thigh lift?

The amount of recovery time required for a thigh lift depends on each individual and the extent of the surgical procedures required. Most patients require at least two to four weeks of downtime for an initial recovery period. This allows the body to recover and incisions to heal. Activities as simple as sitting, bending, and walking can pull on incisions and increase recovery time. Those with larger incisions due to more extensive thigh reductions and lifts may require a longer period of recovery of up to six weeks.

Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift?

With the increase in popularity of weight-loss surgery, thigh lifts are becoming a more popular procedure in order to correct the sagging that occurs after drastic weight loss. If you are experiencing undesired drooping and sagging skin around the thighs, you should consult a reliable plastic surgeon to see whether a thigh lift is right for you.

The best candidates for thigh lifts are generally healthy and fit with a body mass index under 35, or ideally under 30. They should have a relatively stable weight and lifestyle along with realistic expectations of the outcome of their thigh lift procedure. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, contact Monarch Plastic Surgery today.

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