How to shop for clothes following breast augmentation

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Feb 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

shopping for clothes after breast augmentationOne of the most exciting aspects of having breast augmentation is being able to shop for new, flattering clothes that show off your new figure. After having been programmed to shop for your pre-augmentation body your entire life, it may take you a while to get used to looking and shopping for clothes that truly accentuate your new curves. Fortunately, most women find that shopping for new clothes is one of their favorite things to do after having breast augmentation because it allows them to refresh their overall look and style.

Have you recently had breast augmentation? Here are tips you can follow when shopping for new clothes after you’ve completely healed from surgery.

Allow your body to fully recover

You may be anxious to rush to the store as soon as your breasts have shown signs of healing, but most plastic surgeons recommend that you wait at least six weeks before shopping for bras and clothing. This time period allows your new implants to settle and grow accustomed to your body. Wearing bras too soon after surgery could irritate your sensitive breast tissue, and prevent or prolong the healing period.

Buy clothes that support your new look

Breast augmentation often results in you experiencing a boost in self-esteem and confidence, so when you’re shopping, look for clothes that complement your new attitude. For example, if you previously hid your upper body behind oversized or dark-colored clothing, look for new form-fitting tops in an array of bright colors. Also, make sure you spend time in the bra and lingerie sections before making your way to the regular clothing section. You may need several new bras to accommodate your larger, shapelier breasts.

Don’t get caught up in sizing

Keep in mind that clothing sizes are not standardized, and will vary greatly between manufacturers. For instance, you may fit into size eight pants for one brand, and fit into size six under another brand -- the same goes for bra cups and sizes. The best way to pick out bras following augmentation is to try them on before you buy them. Don’t become upset if you still fit into a B cup instead of a C cup following augmentation -- it’s up to manufacturers to decide how they want to size their clothing.

Beware of restrictive clothing

Although you may be tempted to stock up on tight, restrictive clothing that shows off your new body, such as bandage dresses, keep in mind that your augmented breasts will need adequate support without being squeezed or constricted. If you’ve recently had breast surgery, look for clothing that complements your silhouette, such as halter tops, which can be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable while you’re still trying to recover from your procedure.

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