Kiss Cellulite Goodbye This Summer: Introducing Cellfina at Monarch Plastic Surgery

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May 23, 2017 11:28:37 AM


Cellulite is one of those body topics that comes with just as many myths as there are facts. Often, people associate cellulite with being overweight, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cellulite is actually caused by several factors, and the least of which is fat. A lack of circulation and poor lymphatic movement can lead to toxin buildup and the breakdown of the fibers that attach the layers of skin together, which leads to dimpling of the skin. Cellulite is usually genetic and rarely affects men.

While there are many creams and over-the-counter solutions boasting to resolve your cellulite woes, none are proven to work in the long run. Luckily, there is a procedure that is guaranteed to reduce the appearance of cellulite long-term. Meet Cellfina, the only FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. It is clinically proven to smooth out the appearance of cellulite for at least two years. According to Live Science, Cellfina uses a small, needle-sized device to release the cellulite-causing connective bands beneath the surface of the skin. The entire procedure lasts, on average, 45 minutes to an hour and does not require general anesthesia.

As cellulite is a common condition, affecting nearly 85 percent of adult women, many people have questions about how Cellfina can work for them. Monarch Plastic Surgeon Dr. Keith Hodge has performed many Cellfina procedures and shared his answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How effective is Cellfina at treating cellulite?

Cellfina will certainly improve and soften the dimpling, but it will not completely eradicate the defects. After two years, it has a 96 percent satisfaction rate. My patients have been pleased with the results. You may also need additional procedures such as liposuction and/or fat grafting, depending on the problem being addressed and the desired results.

Which parts of the body can be treated with a Cellfina procedure?

Cellfina is FDA-approved to treat the buttocks and posterior thighs. If true cellulite is present on the anterior or side of the thighs, it could be treated off label in that location. However, I usually see skin laxity as opposed to a cellulite dimples on the anterior thigh.  

How long do I need to wait after receiving a Cellfina treatment until I can exercise?

Post-procedure exercise will cause vasodilation which will increase blood flow to your buttocks and posterior thighs. This could increase and prolong any swelling and bruising that can occur after having a Cellfina procedure. I would suggest two weeks recovery before doing anything too strenuous.

If you are interested in vastly improving the appearance of cellulite, request a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to find out if you are a good candidate. You will also learn more about the procedure and how it can be customized to produce optimal results. To see a live demonstration of the Cellfina procedure, watch this video of Monarch Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Leahy treating a patient.

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